About Us

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but Chicago radio, hell, all radio isn’t what it used to be. Radio companies have been consolidating for years and now their cost-cutting ways have brought them to the creative tipping point. Traffic and weather together every ten minutes? Aren’t you carrying that information around on our phone? There’s also the 12 to 16 minutes of commercials every hour too. You value your time more than that, right?

The Steve Dahl Podcast Network is the next logical step towards a radio-free future. You can listen to each and every show on virtually every platform available. Listen on your computer tablet at home and at work. Listen on your smartphone via our iPhone and Android apps virtually anywhere. Our web site is also completely mobile and with HTML 5 can act as a player on any device with a web browser.

We load the shows up, and you listen however and whenever you want. Stop them, if you need to, and them pick up right where you left off.

If you’ve gotten this deep into the web site you already know that we offer The Steve Dahl Show five days a week, Kevin Matthews (with Jim Shorts) twice a week, as well as Matt & Brendan, James VanOsdol and Bob & Ron’s Record Club on a weekly basis.

Subscribers benefit from all kinds of special deals and discounts from our podcast partners. All of them hand-picked by Steve to totally and seamlessly interface with each and every show, so there’s never an interruption.

The Steve Dahl Network offers over 12 hours of fresh, cutting edge, uncensored programming every week. Yes, we charge for it, but we think that you’ll find the content and audio quality are so superior to the other offerings out there, it’s worth double the price. We’re so confident we’re willing to give you a 30-day free trial and put our mouths where your money is. 


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