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The Steve Dahl Show takes listeners through Steve’s day-to-day life as a broadcasting legend cum podcaster. Steve is joined on this daily journey by Dag Juhlin, Brendan Greeley, his wife Janet, and a bevy of celebrity guests and friends. No topic is off-limits! Whether you are a life long fan, or just discovering Steve and his crew you will love having this show available to you anytime, anywhere. The DahlCast is Steve Dahl at his funniest without the interruptions and structure of traditional radio.


  • It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the Dahl house. Are your decorations up yet?

  • Today's Archives from '96 recaps a classic, crazy, Detroit Thanksgiving:

  • Boyz night out (they made me write that!)

  • Bears

  • Enjoy a very special Thanksgiving Story podcast from Kevin Matthews & his gang:

  • Today's podcast is a Dahl Family Classic: A Thanksgiving broadcast at our house from 1983!

  • On today's Matt & Brendan, Matt can't help himself and enjoys watching an altercation with a Bucktown crusty kid:

  • I want to watch the Nat Geo Channel's Pilgrim Story, but it's a little too dark for Janet. Not exactly a breezy seaside community story:

  • Brendan ordered me up my first Uber. Hear about my ride on yesterday's podcast:

  • Brendan found out the hard way there were "too many chiefs" at the Chi-Raq premiere and was denied by Jennifer Hudson:

  • Snow thrower report on today's shows!

  • Brendan and Deep Dish Bertoletti doing damage at Buffalo Wild Wings in Skokie - still time to catch some Irish football with the guys!

  • There's a green monster named Brendan out at the Buffalo Wild Wings at Old Orchard in Skokie. He'll be cheering on Notre Dame as they take on BC at Fenway Park. Stop over and join him for a beer

  • Today's '83 Archives features Rick Moranis & Dave Thomas promoting Strange Brew. Listen here, hosers:

  • Join Kevin Matthews & Jim Shorts for your NFL Week 11 picks:

  • These treats almost look too good to eat... almost. Thanks to Vanille Patisserie for the excellent birthday cake & Thanksgiving pies!

  • Brendan presented me with this "Amazeballs" beanie for my birthday on today's podcast:

  • #FBF Today should be a good one with special guests and treats! Podcasting at & broadcasting on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6

  • Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk brings you comedian & Disney enthusiast Dan Black. Check out a sample of his latest podcast:

  • Here's my sweet RCA DX77 from 1954 Janet gave me. Hear the mic & Janet on today's podcast:

  • We're podcasting & broadcasting from my basement studio today. We'll avoid rush hour traffic so we can get to our live appearance tonight at the Hooters of Orland Park from 7-9pm! Come meet us!

  • Dr. Keith Sklar stopped by the podcast to help explain Peyton Manning's plantar fasciitis that's keeping him sidelined Sunday:

  • It's hump day, let's get through it together. Join us for the podcast at & the broadcast from 2-6pm on WLS-AM 890.

  • On Matt & Brendan Brendan can't resist the allure of a Guinness and chill nightcap. His neighborhood makes it too easy:

  • I found Janet blasting some Adele and realized we need a better home sound system. Also, who's Janet thinking of when she's listening to these sad songs?

  • After Sunday's Bears game, I think they actually look like they have a plan in motion. Check out yesterday's podcast:

  • Dag enjoyed his birthday with rye & L. Woods and I enjoyed some family time. Catch up with us on the podcast:

  • It's Monday, but we're one day closer to our appearance at Hooters of Orland Park this Thursday from 7-9pm. Come out & meet us!

  • Beat me in St.Louis #blackhawks #bears

  • On this '86 WLUP FM98 Archives show the #Bears aren't playing well. So, what else is new?

  • If you were making the "Kevin Matthews: Life Story" movie who would play Kev & Jim?

  • Dag is in his element. Happy Birthday to our Dag Juhlin!

  • Have you ever heard of when Gregg Alllllman dated young hot Cher?

  • Happy Friday! For a good time, listen to the podcast at & the broadcast on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 #FBF

  • Fresh from appearing on Conan, Ahmed Bharoocha is on Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk. Check out Daniel's podcast on the Dahl Network:

  • Dag stopped at Superdawg last night, but went mustard only so he could dog & drive:

  • Brendan makes some sandwich magic for lunch #boarshead #smuckers

  • #TBT to my last birthday. This is the boom box the boys made for me that I've been talking about on the podcast.

  • Hiring a hot nanny is really pushing your luck, even if you're Gwen Stefani:

  • I only give out genuine compliments, but as I said on yesterday's podcast, they don't always land with Janet:

  • This week on Matt & Brendan: Matt comes home late, but makes it all better with bed burgers. Never come home empty handed:

  • I want to get organized to avoid my kids mocking me after I die, like I'm doing here to my brother who left some unsavory items behind:

  • I reveal to Brendan it's not my dad that'll make me cry, but being proud of my sons:

  • We said goodbye to the lake over the weekend. How many weeks until spring?

  • On today's Archives show from '86 we seriously question a local radio cooking show:

  • The party has started at Buffalo Wild Wings in Round Lake Beach. Brendan & charter subscriber Chris Wood are getting their drink on Join 'em for some Notre Dame football, wings & beer right now!

  • Getting primed up for some ND football at B-dubs. Come watch the game right now with Brendan at the Buffalo Wild Wings on Rollins Rd. in Round Lake Beach. He'll be the guy double-fisting Coors Lights

  • Did you know Kevin Matthews & Jim Shorts have all the NFL picks you'll need right here:

  • I breast my case #BottledBlondeChi

  • Newly opened River North pizzeria Bottled Blonde Chicago brought in some excellent pie for #FoodieFriday!

  • After relieving himself on the Alamo in the 80's, Ozzy is back to make amends:

  • #FBF the essence of us. Janet & I talked about the coming holidays on yesterday's podcast:

  • Enjoy another great episode of Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk featuring stories from actor & writer Mark Schroeder:

  • Dahl country livin' last night: Janet made a Pioneer Woman meatloaf she left warming in the oven for me & I jammed along to the CMAs:

  • We had legendary John Sebastian on the show yesterday. I asked him about my favorite Woodstock announcement. Hear what he had to say about it on the podcast today at!

  • This made me do a spit take on the train home tonight!

  • Fond memories of childhood trips to Tijuana for caesar salad & fireworks with my parents:

  • As we mentioned on yesterday's podcast, it's hard not to notice the adult ballet classes across the street from our offices:

  • Matt is faced with a blemish dilemma on Fire Fighter picture day. Check out another hilarious Matt & Brendan:

  • We've officially been at WLS for one year, but now that I'm 60 I'm less into commemorating:

  • This commercial bugs me and it turns out, there's voice shaming going on as we learned on yesterday's podcast:

  • One last look back at a great Cubs season from the folks at Banner. Next year, a Subway Series!

  • Maybe it was because we didn't have king size candy, but I wasn't feeling the gratitude:

  • Who wore it best? LeBron or LeBrendan?

  • Accountant to the stars, Ron Lewis, at Buffalo Wild Wings Vernon Hills? You betcha. He's wearing his Pat Fitzgerald costume

  • It's getting real at Buffalo Wild Wings in Vernon Hills - Brendan's dressed up as Prince & has his guyliner game on fleek- Roll up to Townline Rd. and join the Halloween fun!

  • Brendan is on his way to Buffalo Wild Wings in Vernon Hills for a Notre Dame watch party/Halloween bash - it all starts at 5:30 and goes until ??? Stop on by for some wings & beer!

  • As you'll hear on this '04 Archives, Janet is forever encouraging me to embrace Halloween:

  • Halloween is Jim Shorts' birthday & Kevin Matthews is ready to celebrate:

  • Another round of drinks for Dag & Brendan, and a fancy N/A mocktail for me - Thanks to The Staytion Market & Bar of the Renaissance Chicago Downtown Hotel for stopping by WLS!

  • Brendan & Dag are trying their hand, and failing, at wine tasting while I dig into the fondue!

  • It's #FoodieFriday and today we're enjoying world-class fondue from classic Chicago restaurant Geja's Cafe

  • A very spooky Halloween DahlCast today with psychic medium Susan Rowlen! Don't miss this:

  • The hobo was my go-to Halloween costume as a kid. What was yours?

  • Enjoy the latest Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk! Comedian Jacob Reed talks about how to answer the question "are you funny?" Check it out at

  • It's time for the #rockchallenge on WLS-AM Radio with Dag Juhlin!

  • From the Stevenson on my way in - Seemingly untouched by another car, how does this happen?

  • The lovely Janet Dahl joins us on the podcast today for Ask Janet. Subscribe at and hear sage advice and great stories from Janet every Thursday!

  • It's time to reel in my favorite ASMR ladies. They've gone too far:

  • Hear all about Jackson's 2nd birthday on the latest Matt & Brendan

  • I loved new show Supergirl, but leave it to the internet to make up a controversy, Supergirl vs. woman:

  • I feel like my ASMR favorites have lost their way & I'd like to find my own and manage her. More on the Steve Dahl ASMR factory on today's podcast at

  • Can't wait to see this!

  • Brendan's quite the inspired sandwich artist, despite the WHO processed meat ruling today:

  • WATCH footage of this past weekend's Halloween Parade shot by Brendan Greeley! Congrats to the dancers reenacting Michael Jackson's "Thriller"...very cool!

  • I'm quite the ladies man... with Emery & Violet at Jackson's 2nd birthday party.

  • A classic 1986 Archives with Richard Lewis & Garry Shandling from WLUP AM1000:

  • Kevin Matthews & Jim Shorts have your Friday night covered with their latest podcast

  • Thanks to Exec. Chef Patrick Cassata of BAKERSFIELD for bringing his amazing short rib risotto for #FoodieFriday. I've already put some in my bag to take home!

  • Brendan may have looked cool in his new sweats, but he lost it during his game last night:

  • #FBF As Janet mentioned on the podcast yesterday, today's the day we close the pool #summersover

  • Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk has comedian & almost absorbed twin Matt Apodaca. Check out the podcast:

  • Instead of lulling me to sleep, I ended up wide awake searching for "naked ASMR" - Janet's not surprised I couldn't sleep after watching this -

  • Thanks to Brendan & Dag for filling in for me yesterday, we've got a great team. Listen to today's podcast at & tune in from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890.

  • Brendan will chase any story to get his mind off the Cubs right now. Any story...

  • I detail my stay in this 70's fuck palace on yesterday's podcast. Can you smell the cheap perfume?

  • If you missed Henry on WLS yesterday, check out today's podcast:

  • Henry stopped by for a visit today while we were live on WLS

  • After that Michigan vs. Michigan State game Dan Dierdorf was speechless - I help find the words on today's podcast:

  • Something to make you laugh to take the edge off of a bad Chicago sports day. We will try and do the same tomorrow on the podcast ( and the radio (89WLS)

  • A Cubs victory tonight would be a nice way to get the taste of that Bears game out of my mouth!

  • Can we at least all agree on #Bears? (I'm thinking not)

  • In 1984, the Cubs were in the playoffs against the Padres & Garry and I may have provided some unnecessary distractions to the players as you'll hear in this 1984 Archives show live in San Diego:

  • Another great #Cubs video from the gang at Banner Collective

  • Here's the Elvis impersonator purse fight we were talking about on Thursday's Steve Dahl Show Podcast Luckily, I had the old Betamax running

  • Hey, Jim Shorts, you're a pink monkey! If you miss Kevin Matthews you can find his weekly podcast at That's good, Sucky

  • Thank you Chef Russell Kook, Executive Chef at Chicago Cut for sharing how to "Eat like a Cub" at your steakhouse! Check out their amazing food! #FoodieFriday on WLS Radio 890AM!

  • On today's podcast, Dag has a lead foot & someone claims you don't need an I-Pass transponder

  • #FBF Join me for the podcast at & the radio show on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 today!

  • Another great episode of Hindsight with @danielvankirk feat. Chicagoan Mike Glazer:

  • Have you ever heard 3 eras of Elvis impersonators arguing about who's better? Well, thanks to up in the middle of the night 1980 Steve you can:

  • Feel the good vibes - It's Ask Janet every Thursday on the podcast at #subscribe

  • If you're going to have two big video screens then it's only right that you fill them with big baseball moments. Seems like the Cubs have done that

  • I've been enjoying driving so much lately, I'm thinking about signing up to drive for Uber:

  • Another funny and entertaining Matt and Brendan show this week. Walter celebrates Octoberfest with some delicious hossenfeffer tartare

  • Luckily, Eddie Vedder is jock blocking Jim Belushi at the NLDS. At least Eddie has written a Cubs song. We discuss this in depth on today's podcast

  • This is very cool. Good work by Jeff Passan at Yahoo Sports

  • Brendan was up in Wrigleyville last night after the game and I asked him to send me some photos of the post game action with his new iPhone 6. He's really got quite the eye. Very post-apocalyptic. We'll try again this afternoon

  • I wonder if there's an anti-Cardinals bar in Saint Louis serving up free beers for Cubs home runs. They lost some money tonight. How about a six-pack?

  • The pointless #ColumbusDay parade is on State & Lake, so we sent Brendan down to check it out

  • I don't know about you, but I am finding it virtually impossible not to be a fan of this #Cubs team, even though I am technically a #WhiteSox fan

  • On this '97 Archives show, Bruce Wolf does his best Dave Wannstedt:

  • Kevin Matthews is excited for the #Cubs, Jim Shorts wants everyone to settle down:

  • Thank you Rosebud Restaurants for coming in for #FoodieFriday and Happy 40th Anniversary in Chicago! For more go to

  • Go Cubs!

  • I went for 12 inches of double meat today... It was a big morning:

  • Really looking forward to tonight!

  • Happy Friday! Join me on the podcast at & on WLS-AM from 2-6 #FBF

  • This week, Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk interviews actress Vanessa Ragland:

  • Video by my buddy Chris taken from my Blackhawks seats. We talk about this high quality video on today's podcast:

  • Every Thursday the one and only Janet Joliat Dahl joins us for Ask Janet on the podcast at #TBT

  • Randy Quaid & his wife are in the news again. He still seems like a deranged Santa Clause:

  • Yesterday on the podcast we learned a few things about Flip or Flop, but it's clear the show is all about the wife:

  • Matt's little ones are snug as little lambs in their own womb like rooms:

  • Brendan & I wrongly assume Dag's a fancy mustard only kind of guy on today's podcast:

  • It's only Tuesday. We're here for you. Listen anytime with the podcast at & from 2-6 on WLS 890.

  • The Indiana Toll Road is under permanant construction and was a weekend irritation as usual:

  • HELP! I am trapped in a corn maze. Not sure if I can make it in to work today #podcast #WLSAM #falldahl

  • I refuse to give up the name of my favorite local burrito place on this '06 Archives show:

  • At the emergent care in MI City with Henry and Pat. He has RSV. Now off to pick apples

  • Kev ponders what he'd have as a last meal. What would you have?

  • Thanks to Pastoral-artisan-cheese-bread-wine for stopping by the studio today!

  • Today's Foodie Friday is from the delicious Pastoral-artisan-cheese-bread-wine

  • The walls are coming down around us and it's unsettling our podcast closet vibes:

  • #FBF to last year's Fall Dahl weekend. This year will be even better as Janet & I detailed on yesterday's podcast:

  • Check out the latest episode of Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk featuring comedian Ify Nwadiwe

  • Time for Fall Dahl weekend & I'm preparing to rectify the Great Apple Crisp Disaster of 2014:

  • John Hughes once made me rap in front of an audience. Hear my embarrassing moment on yesterday's podcast:

  • DahlCast favorite, Tami Sagher joins us on the podcast today. She gives us a peek into the Hollywood pilot process:

  • On yesterday's podcast we talked about my new pet peeve: People putting their hazards on to run in & get popcorn at Garrett's:

  • Check out the latest Matt & Brendan podcast at

  • Did you know the Frisbee was originally called the Pluto Platter Putt-Putt? Reminisce about the glory days of Wham-O on today's podcast:

  • Yesterday on the podcast we talked about this video - Since there's no audio, what song would you add as the audio accompaniment?

  • Much to Janet's chagrin, I'd like to teach the world to park. Naturally, a dust-up ensues:

  • This pic is a throwback to happier times. We'll talk about yesterday's Bears game on today's podcast at & WLS-AM 890 2-6.

  • The Bears would have been better off starting one of those fish throwers at Pike Place Market

  • Hold on to your windbreakers, today's Archives is from '82 feat. the Carlton Maloney tape:

  • Did you know Kevin Matthews & Jim Shorts have a fresh weekly blog to go along with the podcast? Well, check it out at

  • Today's #FoodieFriday is on the lighter, more artsy, side with Sink/Swim

  • I'm still full from my bachelor burrito dinner last night:

  • Just a couple guys hanging out in their #AlohaFriday best #FlashbackFriday with little Michael Dahl

  • Check out the latest Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk & his guest Chicago comedian Kevin White

  • Janet officially changed her name to Dahl so I "Peanutized" us to commemorate the occasion:

  • #TBT 1982 winning an Emmy for "Greetings form Graceland" - As I said on yesterday's podcast, I'm not into award shows these days:

  • I've coined a few phrases over the years, but sadly overlooked trademarking any of them #popemobile

  • All aboard! Heading up to State & Lake to podcast and broadcast for your Wednesday pleasure.

  • This week on Matt & Brendan, the boys support the Fighting Irish in their own special ways:

  • The Greatest Competitive Eater of All Time - Kobayashi - great having him in studio this afternoon- catch fun stuff like this - 890 AM on your radio dial

  • Think I'm going to stay out of my backyard for a day or two!

  • You would never see this in Chicago. Too hard for a local rats to carry a slice of deep dish

  • Did you catch the #Emmys last night? Hear our thoughts on today's podcast:

  • A very Happy Birthday to my lovely wife Janet!

  • Part 2 of a very funny Archives from '88 featuring Richard Lewis & Albert Brooks. You're gonna love this one:

  • Jim Shorts took a bath this past week & it did not involve soap:

  • Today's delectable #FoodieFriday is from theWit Chicago's State & Lake. Check out their Beer Brunch!

  • Caution, Mercury is in retrograde & I'm following my intuition:

  • One last classic from the vaults for you on this #FlashbackFriday. Join me at for the podcast & from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890.

  • Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk has writer & play-by-play announcer Bennett Webber. Hear the story behind this picture right here:

  • Russian comedians trick Elton John into thinking he's talking to Putin, Brendan has details:

  • #TBT How many of you had these gems?

  • We're celebrating #MexicanIndependenceDay on this National Guacamole Wednesday with lunch from Tallboy Taco

  • It's #MexicanIndependenceDay & Frijole Joe earned his bro hug with cookies:

  • We're going through our immense storage units at Hollander Moving & Storage and the cache of "Steve Dahl & The Dahlfins" t-shirts we've discovered may warrant a tour to get rid of them:

  • This week on Matt & Brendan: Matt makes a bold move when he decides to go out for wings & beer instead of going home early to help his wife. Trouble on the homefront ensues:

  • An American Airlines flight to Chicago was diverted to Indy for an unruly drunk girl aboard. I would prefer to just ride it out another 20 minutes:

  • On yesterday's podcast, Janet & I had a love affair with a cherry pie gone terribly wrong:

  • Janet calls my fantasy app fixation over the weekend annoying, I call it bonding with my son:

  • Bears (with Violet)

  • Today's Archives features a great interview with my friend Richard Lewis from way back in 1988:

  • Kevin Matthews lets Jim take the lead with his #NFL picks & a blog at

  • Who wants mac & cheese? We do! Thanks to Mac & Cheese Fest for bringing 5 entries from their Best Mac & Cheese contest for #FoodieFriday

  • Enjoy some classic Dick Biondi that I was listening to when I was 10 on today's podcast:

  • Let's go way back to my KPPC in Pasadena days for #FlashbackFriday - Here's some audio of a very young me who could've really used a bell:

  • Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk features actress Amy Vorpahl - Check out Amy's interview and her photos right here:

  • Oddly, Brendan brought various sauces for Dag to try out, but nothing to try them with:

  • #TBT to a cool summer night. Subscribe to the podcast at & tune in to the broadcast on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 today.

  • Go check out Dag Juhlin with Expo '76 tonight at Simon's Tavern at 8:30!

  • Dr. Keith Sklar of Foot First Podiatry stopped by to horrify me into taking care of my bunion. Mission accomplished:

  • As promised, here's the video of Matt Dahl dancing. Hear all about it on the latest Matt & Brendan

  • Did you watch the premiere of The Late Show with Stephen Colbert last night? What did you think? We'll be talking about it on the podcast & radio show today.

  • With a mouth like a synth, Justin Bieber shares his 21 year old pain. We review on today's DahlCast:

  • My Labor Day went swimmingly. How did yours go?

  • A WCKG grab bag featuring Tom Snyder recalling my appearance on his Tomorrow Show in '79:

  • Kevin Matthews has former #NFL pro Ray Bentley on the podcast today:

  • Thanks to WingFest & Buffalo Wings & Rings - Chicago, IL for bringing in their award wining wings to kick off our Labor Day Weekend!

  • Old man Greese learned "the ball don't lie" from a 13 yr old boy last night:

  • #FBF Happy Labor Day Weekend! Make your holiday drive better, tune in 2-6 to WLS-AM 890 & the podcast at #AlohaFriday

  • Janet & I recall the early days of our budding romance in Detroit on today's podcast:

  • #TBT The Cubs didn't invent wearing pajamas to work. Catch the broadcast on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 & the podcast at

  • Hear all about Emery's arrival on the latest Matt & Brendan podcast!

  • I'm on a pastrami streak, but I'm not getting the pickle quite how I like it:

  • Feel the love: Listen to the podcast at & the broadcast from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890

  • A fresh Matt & Brendan podcast is coming your way, but first, Matt Dahl has to finish his fireman duty today!

  • Brendan & I wore our vacation clothes today. Enjoy the casual vibe of today's podcast:

  • Join us at for the podcast & tune in to WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 for the broadcast.

  • I came close to crying over the weekend. I give Brendan details on today's podcast:

  • We'll be broadcasting on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 & podcasting at Let our work make your Monday go by faster!

  • Today's '02 Archives is part 2 from Beantown with Gene Simmons promoting his Tongue Magazine:

  • Patrick Dahl and his crew at Banner Collective teamed up with Wilson Football to kick off the 2015 high school football season and inspire footballers everywhere...

  • Kevin Matthews talks moving reel to reels to digital & plays some classic bits of us together

  • It's #FoodieFriday and Snap Kitchen brought us these colorful dishes. A delicious lunch was had by all!

  • I'm really liking the Waze app. If only it could tell me the safest parking space to park in too #OCDparker

  • Happy Friday, Everybody! Join us for the podcast at & from 2-6 on @WLSAM890 #FBF

  • Excited to be sending my Disco Demolition helmet off to the MLB Baseball Hall of Fame today:

  • #TBT still getting wild on the podcast at & from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890!

  • On Bob & Ron's latest podcast, Bob can't resist his local Dunkin' Donuts deal & he's paying a hefty price:

  • Only a fun-loving husband like me would take a photo like this at Dirty Dancing last night:

  • Whose box is whose? Listen to the podcast at & radio show on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6

  • Ordered a back realignment device off Amazon Prime Now, but I'm very hesitant to lie down on the floor here at WLS and I'm concerned Amazon didn't consider the parking situation downtown.

  • Abe Lincoln puts on his spectacles to tell us about his beloved pastime, gander pulling:

  • Janet found this in our beverage drawer, coincidence? Tune in WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 & the podcast at

  • While Matt Dahl welcomes his new daughter, we're watching his son Jackson & dog Walter. This is Matt and our dog, Whitney back in the day:

  • Grandchild #6 on the ground. Emery Dahl. Congratulations Justine and Matt

  • Today's Archives is live from Samuel Adams brewery in '02. We had a great time:

  • My favorite Friday night show is on Channel 50 at 11:30. Big Sexy and her mad and crazy Boss, Mario @DodgeMidway 47th and Pulaski

  • Jim Shorts admits a shocking attraction on today's Kevin Matthews podcast:

  • It's #FoodieFriday and today we have AMK Kitchen Bar to thank for bringing this great spread!

  • How's it happening, everybody? It's Friday, I'm on the mend & creating hot new catch phrases:

  • #FBF this is about the age I started in radio & I'm still broadcasting. Hear me from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890 & the podcast at

  • This week on Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk: Actor, comedian, & one time ovary Molly Bretthauer. Listen to Daniel's latest podcast:

  • Discover the dark Swedish past of the Dahl Family on today's podcast. Pictured: great-grandfather Andrew Dahl:

  • #TBT to a winter podcast in Florida. I'm podcasting today at & broadcasting from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890

  • The featured Floridiot on today's podcast:

  • I'm back in the basement studio today with some pulled muscles and codeine:

  • Bad behavior is encouraged on the podcast at! Check out the radio show too on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6

  • On this week's Matt & Brendan, Brendan gets a little too comfortable for Matt's liking...

  • Something is off about this photo. To find out what, you'll have to listen to the podcast:

  • Looking forward to another full day of podcasting at & broadcasting at WLS-AM890 from 2-6. Join me!

  • We had a nice baptism for Emmett Dahl yesterday & Fr. Terry almost makes me want to convert I like him so much

  • Today's 1980 Archives is a Breakfast club syndicated in Detroit with some acid flashbacks!

  • Today's Kevin Matthews podcast is live from the BBQ pit & full of great grillin' tips:

  • #FoodieFriday on WLS-AM890 with Chicago Detours featuring their Big Shoulders Food & Bar Tour of Bridgeport.

  • From massage to Italian beef from Giordano's Pizza - Friday done right on WLS-AM890!

  • Just enjoyed #NationalRelaxationDay with Massage Envy. It was Dag & Brendan's first time ever and we may have found the knot making Brendan's voice so low.

  • Happy Friday! Start the good times early with the podcast at & the radio show on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6.

  • This week on Hindsight, Daniel Van Kirk interviews comedian Rob Babcock. Check out Daniel's great podcast featuring interviews with comedians who bring photos along and tell the stories behind them:

  • Janet has a taste for the one & only Mirai Sweet Corn, nature's push broom:

  • #TBT Listen to the podcast anytime at & the radio show from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890!

  • This week on Bob & Ron's Record Club the guys are loving Alice Cooper. Check out the free show sample:

  • Here's Mansion Prison as featured on the radio today for you:

  • Brendan & I embrace our love of Taylor Swift & we help Dag start his own T. Swift journey:

  • Gearing up to ride the Metra rails to work at WLS-AM 890. Hear the podcast at & the radio show 2-6 today!

  • This week, Matt & Brendan are inspired by cartoons from their childhood

  • Wearing my sweet new Salomon kicks today. I promise I won't put them up on Metra seats:

  • Happy 37th anniversary to my wonderful wife, Janet. I'm a lucky man.

  • Happy 37th anniversary to my wonderful wife, Janet. I'm a lucky man.

  • Our dinner tonight looked like Michigan. Just say yes

  • I have a migraine that may have been triggered by arm wrestling at the family BBQ:

  • We had a good weekend, hope you did too. Join me at for the podcast & WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 to start Monday off right!

  • On today's '87 Archives podcast I've created a winning BBQ recipie:

  • Gabby McClinton from the cast of Pippin at the Cadillac Theater stopped by the WLS AM show Friday afternoon so I could tell her how great she is. The show is there until Sunday.

  • Kevin Matthews has former #Letterman writer & author Adam Resnick on today's podcast:

  • Not your ordinary sandwich, Asian inspired Zenwich is this week's #FoodieFriday delight!


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