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  • My new mission is to charm the woman who doesn't like me at the local meat market:

  • Start your week out with some laughs. Check out the podcast at & listen to us on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 today!

  • Set the way back machine to 1987 as we prep for a listener trip to Quebec on today's Archives

  • Kevin Matthews is planning a UFO hunting party & you're invited:

  • Today's #FoodieFriday is all about pastrami! Thanks Fumare Meats & Deli for the excellent lunch.

  • It's #Dahlapalooza on the podcast today complete with underwear & tattoos galore:

  • It's always a good time on the podcast at & #FlashbackFriday on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6!

  • This week on Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk, comedian & writer Cole Stratton. Enjoy looking through Cole's pictures & hearing the stories behind them at

  • Great to have my friend John Records Landecker on the show today. Good luck to him!

  • John Records Landecker joins us for the Rock Challenge on WLS-AM890

  • Janet bought a milk so fancy, I was warned not to use too much on my cereal:

  • A special Rock Challenge on WLS-AM 890 today with John Records Landecker. John's last day at WLS-FM is tomorrow, don't miss this, we're on 2-6!

  • What's wrong with this dentist? He should be sleeping with a hot hygienist, not poaching lions

  • Looking for great entertainment? Try the podcast at & tune in to the radio show from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890.

  • On the latest Matt & Brendan, Brendan channels his inner potions master when he works a kids party as Professor Snape:

  • I gave a co-worker excellent marital advice yesterday & then did the opposite when I got home:

  • Find your happy place, listen to the radio show from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890 & the podcast at

  • A young Janet Dahl was traumatized by casseroles, which helps explain her aversion to Pad Thai

  • Happy Monday, everyone! Looking forward to a fresh week of radio shows on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 & podcasts at

  • This 1990 show features an interview with Steven Tyler & Joe Perry that I don't remember doing

  • Today's Kevin Matthews podcast is live from the shores of Saugatuck, MI:

  • Oh yeah, it's #FoodieFriday with The Great American Lobster Fest!

  • I came to Janet's rescue last night during frustrating car trouble & I even kept my cool!

  • It's #FlashbackFriday on WLS-AM 890 tune in from 2-6 & check out today's #podcast at too!

  • This week's Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk features comedian, writer & Bulls fan CJ Toledano:

  • You can't beat a Vienna Beef Chicago Dog! Happy National Hot Dog Day

  • Dag brought an M Burger Dreamsicle shake to share and there's a lot of slurping going on in the podcast studio:

  • We're on the air from 2-6 @wlsradio - Now featuring The Space Age Mic Arm!

  • #TBT A nice reminder to enjoy my summer train rides. Join me at for the podcast & WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 today!

  • Shortly after this photo with Ernie Hudson was taken, I had to towel Brendan off!

  • I ended up helping an old lady with her bags after trying to escape public nail filing on the metra:

  • Join us on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 today and we're podcasting at for your listening pleasure!

  • Josiah Quincy II leads Brendan (and his cousin Riley) on a historical tour of Boston. Follow the Freedom Trail with Josiah on this week's Matt & Brendan:

  • I'm tired of these celebrity marriages, like Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert, being shoved down my throat and then failing. They're not even trying!

  • Another beautiful Chicago day, another chance to subscribe to the podcast at & enjoy the radio show from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890!

  • I enjoyed sunsets on vacation and a very amusing misunderstanding with Brendan that lead me to advise he pace himself:

  • Refreshed from vacation, a great week of podcasting at & radio on WLS-AM890 from 2-6 is coming your way. Join me this afternoon!

  • The grandkids enjoying our pool and some refreshments before the storm. L to R: Violet, Henry, Jackson and Mary (Emmett was asleep)

  • Today's '98 Archives show features the very funny comedian Jeff Altman. Check out the show:

  • Kevin Matthews has a very special guest on his latest podcast... the one and only Janet Dahl! Give the free sample a listen:

  • When you listen to the shows, it's hard to reconcile these angelic faces with their actual behavior on our fun-filled Route 66 trip on WCKG back in 1997

  • This week on Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk, comedian & writer Eric Moneypenny joins him. Hear the story behind this picture of the littlest Van Halen fan on today's podcast:

  • Pretty excited that WLS-AM has landed the White Sox and Chicago Bulls beginning with the 2016 seasons. Somebody find Brendan and pinch him!

  • It's Day 2 of our '97 Norman Rockwell-esque trip down Route 66. On today's podcast the Dahl boys & I are live from the El Rancho Motel in Barstow, CA! Listen here:

  • In 1997, the Dahl Boys and I followed Route 66 from California to Illinois. Today's podcast is Day 1 of that trip recorded live from my parent's house in La Caada, CA. Enjoy one of my favorite trips of all time!

  • I was reading this and wondering who wrote it. Turns out it was me, last year. No wonder I agreed with it 100%

  • Matt & BrendanI I can't believe they didn't ask me to sing the 7th inning stretch today at Wrigley for the 36th at the Crosstown Classic! #coho

  • Today's Archives show is from '93 as I force young Pat Dahl onto the bus for camp:

  • Kev & Jim Shorts enjoyed a little vacation last week. Find out what they did:

  • Thanks to the Lincoln Square Ravenswood Chamber of Commerce & Square Roots Chicago for bringing in some of their festival goodies.

  • It's Pizza Night in America, and a Texas teen made a 2 cheese pizza you do not want:

  • Today's the 36th anniversary of Disco Demolition. I'm on WLS-AM890 from 2-6 these days, and check out the podcast at INSANE COHO LIPS FOREVER!

  • This week on Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk, writer & actress Holly Prazoff is interviewed. She brought along 3 photos, you hear the stories behind them:

  • If you know me, you know I love my #ASMR with Gentlewhispering by Maria. She's joining us on WLS-AM890 at 5. Don't miss it!

  • I spotted an unattended pack of sleeping dogs on the street below the @WLSAM890 studio...summer iditarod?

  • Have you ever heard of cashew queso? K-Cav's been whipping it up for Cutty:

  • Join us today 2-6 WLS-AM890 for the Rock Challenge & we're podcasting at too!

  • Johnny Costello, Beverage Development Specialist from Wirtz Beverage IL, made me a special drink "The Steve Dahl"

  • A gender-bending rock & roll thrill ride of generational redemption featuring Steve Dahl as Harvey Fierstein & Dag Juhlin as Cyndi Lauper in this DahlCast production of Kinky Boots:

  • Did you know you can listen to me anytime on the podcast with the app and anywhere from 2-6 with the WLS-AM890 app? Try it, you'll like it.

  • Bad Walter! Matt's dog has reached a new low. Hear what happened on the latest Matt & Brendan:

  • Are you watching season 2 of True Detective? Vince Vaughn really came alive for me this week:

  • Get your headphones ready, I'm podcasting at & on the air 2-6 @wlsam890 today.

  • I loved watching the Grateful Dead shows on PPV, but realized I became a Deadhead a day too late. I still bought a t-shirt:

  • Some hardcore 4th of July bocce ball with Mike and Mary Dahl, a Grateful Dead PPV and tons more on Monday's podcast and radio shows!

  • The Dahl Podcast Network app works perfectly now. Not a subscriber? Download and listen to a butt-load of FREE samples!

  • This week's Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk features director & writer Joe Rubalcaba. Enjoy looking through Joe's photos as he tells Daniel the stories behind them.

  • Big thanks to Terry & Patrick from @LWoodsTap for bringing one hell of a spread!

  • It doesn't get better than L. Woods Tap & Pine Lodge They brought it all and we'll eat it all!

  • We talk to Dr. Sklar who likes to blow up a cake every 4th, a waste of perfectly good cake:

  • #TBT to watching fireworks with Henry. What are your plans for the 4th? We're starting celebrations off early on the podcast at & on WLS-AM890 from 2-6 today!

  • Bob & Ron aren't going to the Grateful Dead shows this weekend, but they reflect on the hundreds of golden memories from past Dead shows on today's podcast:

  • In case you missed it, a bromance blossomed on WLS-AM890 today with Billy Dec.

  • I was pretty surprised to see myself on @CNN last night. Listen to the podcast to hear why

  • I'm headed to work on my favorite mode of transport, Metra. Join us at for today's podcast & we're broadcasting 2-6 on WLS-AM890.

  • Check out the latest Matt & Brendan podcast and give their Facebook page a like while you're at it!

  • I made it to the Poi Dog show in Millennium Park last night where I met this lovely fan Amy & watched the show from the creeper seats:

  • I'm podcasting at today and broadcasting from 2-6 on WLS-AM890. Thanks to apps, you can put me in your pocket and listen anywhere you want!

  • Magic Brendan in his revealing Magic Mike inspired t-shirt.

  • I like being in the best cabana, even in my ASMR role play. Enjoy the soothing sounds of the DahlCast:

  • Not off enjoying a nice beach vacation? We're working too, treat yourself to the podcast at and the broadcast on WLS-AM890 from 2-6.

  • Harbor Country, MI

  • A young Tim Allen flops on this '87 Archives show, you can almost feel the sweat!

  • Kevin Matthews can't wait for family time on the 4th of July - He'll pass on the fireworks

  • It's #FoodieFriday! Thanks to EPIC Restaurant on Hubbard for bringing in their #Picniconthepatio indoors for us!

  • Fridge update: the @wlsam890 fridge is clean enough to store my cherries & baked goods in

  • Happy Friday! We're podcasting at and join us for #FlashbackFriday on WLS-AM890 from 2-6. This picture goes back to my little scamp days.

  • Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk has writer, comedian, and Last Comic Standing participant Matt Kirshen on the podcast:

  • Live in-studio on WLS-AM890 we have The Baseball Project with Mike Mills & Scott McCaughey getting ready to jam with our Dag Juhlin!

  • This is what happens when there's mayo on my sandwich. A full investigation is underway.

  • Janet & Mabel are living it up in New Buffalo and I think Janet should put out her own Harbor Country guide

  • Every Thursday my lovely wife Janet joins us for "Ask Janet" on the podcast at and sometimes she'll call in to WLS-AM890 while were on 2-6 #TBT

  • Bob & Ron are huge Brian Wilson fans and Ron loved the new film "Love & Mercy" about Wilson's life - Hear all about it on the latest Bob & Ron's Record Club:

  • Brendan has created his own remedy for Hot Potato Voice: Coke Zero with lemon ginger tea

  • Brendan defends the Cubs fan who caught the foul ball while holding his baby, but my instinct is to let the players catch the ball:

  • Happy #HumpDay, everyone. We're podcasting at & broadcasting from 2-6 on WLS-AM890 to help get you through the day!

  • Brendan lends a hand at Taste of Randolph & even brought an unexpected homemade treat:

  • It's Talk To Me Tuesday on WLS-AM890 & so far Brendan's passing out sex & relationship advice.

  • The podcast studio awaits, subscribe at to hear great shows anytime & join us @wlsam890 2-6

  • I had a great weekend: Golf with my boys, pool fun with grandkids, outstanding dinner by Janet

  • How was your Father's Day? Join us at for today's podcast & from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890 to hear how ours went!

  • 2015 Father's Day Dahl Invitational

  • I complained about #TasteofChicago in June '87 & I'm sure I'll have something to say this year

  • Kevin Matthews recalls his greatest sports moment: Skating with Stan Mikita

  • Thanks to Pinstripes for bringing today's Father's Day inspired #FoodieFriday!

  • Turns out, both Dag & I had Boxers named Buster as kids. Here's Dag & Buster #FlashbackFriday

  • Two of my favorite youngsters at the rally yesterday.

  • This little magician is Joshua J. Smith: Writer, Director, & Guest on @danielvankirk Hindsight

  • I started this day with The Steve Dahl Sandwich in my groovy chamber downtown:

  • Looks better at Soldier Field now. I think they should have forgone the fireworks and let people sit behind the stage though #Blackhawks

  • This Soldier Field event has Walter Payton Memorial written all over it. Way too many empty seats #fail

  • .@mattdahlrocks on 1st bus next to Tommy Hawk. @themikedahl is on last next to Kaner. They are working for @patrickdahl today #Blackhawks

  • It's a big day for the #Blackhawks & the great city of Chicago - Let's show everyone how it's done. We'll have a full recap for you on the podcast at & WLS-AM890 2-6 today

  • Metra Spokeswoman Meg Reile discourages hitching a ride to Chicago for the #Blackhawks events and makes me a very exciting offer on today's podcast:

  • Planning to go to the #Blackhawks parade & celebration at Soldier Field tomorrow? Listen to the podcast at we'll talk to Metra Spokeswoman Meg Reile & radio show 2-6 WLS-AM890 for handy tips

  • The latest Matt & Brendan keeps the #Blackhawks excitement going with this memory from 2013

  • Tickets for @NHLBlackhawks rally will go live on noon Wednesday. Four tickets per person, emailed to you to print

  • My buddy Chris took this video of the last few seconds of the Championship winning #Blackhawks game. I'm so fortunate to have been there! Hear all about it on today's podcast:

  • What a great night last night! I can't wait to tell you all about it this afternoon #Blackhawks

  • Check this out! #Blackhawks

  • Fucking Kaner! #Blackhawks

  • I'm off to the game. Let's Go #Blackhawks!

  • Can you spot which kid is David Lee Roth & which one is me?

  • I started watching Purple Rain on TV, but ended up buying it to see a certain Apollonia scene

  • Big weekend, including Matt's graduation from Fire Academy. All of the details, plus plenty of Chicago Blackhawks pregame today on the podcast (anytime) and WLS AM (2 to 6 pm)

  • How great is that game Monday night going to be? #Blackhawks

  • From the 1986 Archives, we're getting ready for our show at Poplar Creek & talk to Johnny B:

  • Kevin Matthews loves to introduce you to his favorite musicians, today's podcast features a great interview with Todd Snider:

  • #FoodieFriday with Pork Shoppe

  • Today's #FoodieFriday is from Pork Shoppe and I wish you could smell how awesome it smells in here!

  • A camera caught a glimpse of LeBron's LeBrain and I'm inspired to create a new twitter handle. Find out which one, listen to today's sample:

  • Oh yeah! It's #FlashbackFriday & #FoodieFriday on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 and for more F-words try today's podcast at

  • Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk brings you comedian, writer, & employee of Buzzfeed Kelsey Darragh. Kelsey is drunkenly riding a dolphin in this photo, hear the podcast sample for more:

  • Brendan learns WWE star Dusty Rhodes has moved on to the big ring in the sky. Enjoy a podcast sample:

  • #TBT to more winning memories with the Chicago Blackhawks!

  • I think I might need some new underpants #Blackhawks

  • Bob went to the #Blackhawks Game 3 & is convinced it was the loudest game ever. Ron wasn't too interested. Listen to the latest Bob and Ron's Record Club:

  • Guy Fieri doesn't discover any new places, is fairly irritating, & yet still picks great spots

  • We may not have palm trees, but we've had more than 4,000 fans in our park for a hockey event. We'll rally the troops from 2-6 on WLS-AM890 and on today's podcast at Let's go Blackhawks!

  • Brendan can't believe Matt didn't offer an ice-cold Coke to his movers. Hear the story on the latest Matt & Brendan podcast:

  • 3 nuns walk into an elevator... Listen to today's sample for the story #Heavyprayingensued

  • Looking to take your mind off of that Blackhawks game last night? Try our podcast (profanity laced) and or radio (FCC) shows today. Subscribe: To tune in: 89WLS AM

  • In the words of Foreigner, its a sad sad Monday when Im forced to look to my DVR and #TheBachelorette to assuage my #Blackhawks blues.

  • Our WLS traffic reporter Christina Filiaggi's new dog Kiki

  • Janet toiled in the backyard this weekend & I struggled to get the pool pumping and balanced:

  • Game 3 of the Stanley Cup Final tonight at home, we'll be getting you revved up on the podcast at and from 2-6 on WLS-AM 890! Go Hawks!

  • Today's 1986 Archives show features the day I found my automotive soulmate, a 1959 turquoise Chevy Apache, on the highway and I hunted the guy down to buy it - I still have it!

  • Kevin Matthews & Jim Shorts are all fired up for the Blackhawks game Saturday:

  • Thanks to The Goddess and Grocer & Goddess and the Baker for bringing today's #FoodieFriday spread! Go Hawks!

  • Dr. Sam Sklar stopped by to give my funion some relief and add a lady's touch to the DahlCast boys club:

  • Join us for #FlashbackFriday on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 & the podcast at The little Dahl is Patrick, now 34. Photo Credit: Paul Natkin

  • Comedian, Chicagoan, & writer John Roy joins Daniel Van Kirk this week:

  • Thanks to everyone who came by to say hello! If you missed it, we're live on WLS-AM 890 from 2-6 and you can hear all about it... Can you spot the Bolge in his classic pose?

  • Happy Birthday to Mike Dahl! We took the 818 from Western Springs together this morning:

  • Meet us today at noon in the Daley Plaza Farmers Market! We'll have prizes & you can sign-up for a free week of the podcast. Help make this tent look less sad #myzuchinni

  • Turns out, they should have tried harder to keep the white jerseys out in Tampa #Blackhawks

  • Ron's mellow was totally harshed by a bad batch of Chuckles. Enjoy their podcast:

  • We talk Blackhawks & the FIFA scandal with our favorite Swiss Chef, Chef Hans on today's podcast.

  • Let's go Chicago Blackhawks! Want to win a Goal Light? Well, tune in to WLS-AM 890 between 2-6 today!

  • This is what we were talking about during Brendan's MOS

  • The 650 lb. chocolate Blackhawks player by Chef Alain Roby of All Chocolate Kitchen in Geneva

  • A teacher brought kids on a questionable sex ed field trip. Details on the podcast:

  • The week doesn't truly begin until I get my fresh Kirschbaum's cake.

  • Latest #Blackhawks video from the folks at Banner Collective

  • I grew up in the frozen banana zone, and I want to know where the rest of the banana went:

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  • How great was that series? #Blackhawks

  • In this '04 Archives show, I send Brendan on a vending machine mission. Enjoy a show sample:

  • Doing double duty today, Kevin Matthews called us on the DahlCast and now he has Les Grobstein on his podcast. Enjoy Kev's show:

  • Thanks to Naf Naf Grill for bringing the #FoodieFriday spread. Dag is all stocked up on napkins in anticipation.

  • Brendan finally has his @CocaCola moment

  • Did you know Charles Manson loved his lawyer? Me neither, but I'm really enjoying the new NBC show Aquarius. Check out today's free podcast sample:

  • Like the hoodie, I'm decades ahead of today's hipsters in my sweet trucker hat. Join us for #FlashbackFriday on the radio show from 2-6pm on WLS-AM890 and the podcast at

  • Daniel Van Kirk interviews comedian, actor and documentarian Andie Bolt on the latest episode of Hindsight. Find out what Andie's doing with this raptor on the podcast at

  • My very own "Where's Waldo"! Quite the Game 6 last night for the Chicago Blackhawks - Enjoy today's podcast:

  • The #Blackhawks warming up before the BIG 2nd period last night. We'll be talking about the Game 6 victory on today's podcast ( and on the radio this afternoon from 2-6 (WLS AM890) Don't miss it!

  • This game was so fast and exciting that I didnt even remember to take a picture until the end #Blackhawks

  • Bob & Ron return from their house in the country & have some handy tips and hot licks for you:

  • Think you know celebrity trivia better than Brendan? Put your paparazzi skills to the test! Call 312-591-8900 to play

  • Dag's passionate dislike for Bon Jovi is on 11 today. Check out today's free sample:

  • Buckle up for game 6 tonight! Join us on the podcast at & 2-6pm on WLS89 #Blackhawks

  • Hear all about Matt's family trip to New Buffalo on the latest Matt & Brendan podcast:

  • Brendan is determined to summon the demon Charlie, it worked once before we had the camera. Maybe. #CharlieCharlieChallenge

  • We talk to Bill Lloyd about the state of Ducks fandom with Emilio Estevez leading the flock

  • An exciting weekend! Catch up with me on today's podcast at & from 2-6pm on WLS 890

  • Lets get them Wednesday night! #Blackhawks

  • That was insane #Blackhawks

  • Thats more like it #Blackhawks

  • This would legitimately be the time to yell shoot it! at the #Blackhawks

  • Silence and respect

  • Race Day in Joliet, IL 1983

  • When Freddy Vermette Tally #Blackhawks #Ducks #NHL

  • What up, shorty? #Blackhawks

  • I wax poetic with Ken Nordine in this '00 interview that foreshadows my interest in meditation

  • Kevin Matthews has some Memorial Day grilling tips for you on today's podcast:

  • Brendan continues to explore the empty @wlsam890 9th floor:

  • The @wlsam890 fridge is empty, the bit ruined, but still not clean! C'mon people!

  • We're about to enjoy the essential taste of summer from Weber Grill Restaurant #FoodieFriday

  • Finally, a Friday! A holiday weekend Friday. Let's jam some Long John Baldry, everybody:

  • It's Memorial Day weekend, time to let loose! Can you guess what year this picture is from? #FlashbackFriday

  • Me!

  • Dan Van Kirk interviews Molly McAleer author of "The Alcoholic Bitch Who Ruined Your Life"

  • It's Rock Hard Thursday. Call 312-591-8900 to play Dag Juhlin's Rock Challenge

  • There's no mention of our show anywhere! This is the loneliest cornhole in Chicago:

  • We're talking about the final David Letterman today on the podcast & radio show. I really enjoyed it, how about you?

  • I thought David Lettermans last show was pretty darned perfect. How about you? #WorldwidePants

  • We connect with Daniel Van Kirk on our phone from hell about last night's Hawks game:

  • It's Wednesday. Nothing exciting about that, but you could make it special by subscribing to the Dahl Network!

  • That was impressive #Blackhawks

  • Brendan went to the Billy Corgan/Marilyn Manson press conference. Guess they should have said no flash photography!

  • Will the WLS fridge be cleaned? Will The Bolge answer his phone again? Tune in tomorrow! #FridgeGate

  • Brendan was a big hit during his interview with Gloria & Emilio Estefan #getonyourfeet:

  • We're enjoying the candy @Jenniferkeiper scored us @wlsam890

  • We're enjoying the candy @Jenniferkeiper scored us @wlsam890

  • Subscribe & enjoy the DahlCast, Kevin Matthews, Matt & Brendan, Bob & Ron, Daniel Van Kirk & an Archives show uncensored and anytime you want it:

  • The Twin Peaks shootout reminds me of my own experience with the Hells Angels as a kid:

  • We're talking to the actual creator of the Coke commercial referenced in #MadMen last night right now on @wlsam890

  • We'll talk Mad Men & Blackhawks on today's podcast. Don't be left out, subscribe at

  • Theres no place like om. Its the real thing #MadMenFinale

  • Not super impressed with the play of Rundblad so far #Blackhawks

  • It's 1987 & the Brewers all have names that sound like two nouns or sausages:

  • Get weird with Kevin Matthews and the hunt for UFOs on his latest podcast:

  • These Philly Cheesestakes from mojos east coast eats are fantastic. Thanks Jon & Molly for lunch and the lesson on how to order the Philly way!

  • Self portrait. Tried to keep the voices down around here this morning. Free show sample here:

  • Happy Friday, everybody! A full day of podcasting and radio is coming your way from Chicago's Hollywood

  • Daniel Van Kirk interviews Chicago native, and avid camper, comedian Brad Morris

  • From the Roger Dahl Fresh Prince era, Brendan is supporting the Bulls in style tonight:

  • A little #TBT to start your day. Can anybody guess where that picture was taken, or which parody song I was recording?

  • I finally went through Joe Gaspar's area, Little Village. Looks like a lot of delicious taquerias:

  • If you ride the @Metra like me, it's a great opportunity to listen to podcasts from the Dahl Network. Subscribe!

  • Matt finally watches "Dances with Wolves" and the manliness of Kevin Costner is undeniable:

  • A look in the fridge is like looking into the psyche of a workplace. Enjoy today's podcast:

  • Good Morning! Subscribe to the Dahl Network at and put a smile on both our faces:

  • Instant Request with Dag Juhlin is ready for your hot requests. Call us now @wlsam890 312-591-8900

  • Great to see @TheRichardLewis

  • Coming up next at 3pm on the Big 89: Richard Lewis is in-studio to talk about his new book "Reflections from Hell"

  • Brendan found an engineer making filtered ice, but I think that water filter is fake:

  • Lots of DahlCast subscribers got great discounts on gifts for the mom in their life! Subscribe and give nice gifts

  • Happy Mother's Day!

  • It's 1987 & Mort Downey, Jr. wants me drug tested. I ask listeners to send in their urine too

  • Kevin Matthews is working out and losing weight, Jim Shorts doesn't even care:

  • Thank you Rockit Bar & Grill for the delicious lamb nachos, grilled chicken salad and soup! #FoodieFriday

  • It's #FoodieFriday and Trevor Schneider of Reyka Vodka made Brendan & Dag a spicy beverage.

  • Dag & I share a deep love for olives. Thinking about starting our own olive farm:

  • Mom would love a subscription to the Dahl Network! Thanks to Janet for being a wonderful mom.

  • Daniel Van Kirk interviews @EleWoodsDDS who plays quidditch and grew up in Geneva, Switzerland

  • Get ready for Jeopardy with guest host Jim O'Donnell! Coming up next at 4 on @wlsam890

  • Enjoy the trade winds of Schaumburg and vista views of Ikea from this guy's Airbnb treehouse:

  • This may be the same equipment currently in the WLS studio #TBT Photo Credit: Paul Natkin, The Loop 1979

  • Bob & Ron have homemade oreos to try, but Bob forgot the milk:

  • Outstanding carne asada cemita from Cemitas Puebla! Thanks for lunch #guacamolewednesday

  • It's Guacamole Wednesday! How did lime end up in beer? My theory on today's free sample:

  • It's only Wednesday. Feel better about that by checking out the podcast at - It's much naughtier than the radio. Photo by Paul Natkin

  • You'll have to listen to Matt & Brendan's podcast to find out what's going on in this picture:

  • Always nice to talk with Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White.

  • Next up, We'll talk to color analyst @EddieOlczyk about the @NHLBlackhawks on the Big 89!

  • I guess the good news is, he's not clipping them on the train. Today's podcast explores public vs. bathroom behavior - check out the free show sample:

  • We cozy up in this tiny room every weekday to bring you the best podcast around. Join us at, won't you? Free daily show samples or subscribe and find out who gives backrubs. Spoiler alert: It's not me.

  • James Taylor has a new song about the Red Sox and it's likely not going to be his next big hit. Your free show sample awaits at

  • Enjoyed a round of golf with my boys this weekend.

  • Today's Descent is from July 17-18 just a few days after Disco Demolition in 1979. The Breakfast Club is live at The Allerton Hotel. Thanks to Paul Natkin for the great photo... COHO!

  • Kevin Matthews talks to pal musician Edwin McCain about his @animalplanet show #FlippingShips

  • Now that this TB @ MTL game is going to overtime , where exactly am I supposed to watch the whole @NHLBlackhawks game? #NBCSN

  • Thanks to Tallboy Taco for the excellent tacos and guacamole!

  • One person asks me how many pumps I'd like, another scatters when I set my things down next to her - It's been a full morning. Listen to today's free podcast sample:

  • This diet is driving me crazy!

  • Daniel Van Kirk interviews Nerdist podcast producer Katie Levine! Hear his latest episode:

  • Jim Peterik live in-studio for Dag Juhlin's Rock Hard Thursday Challenge

  • A very special Rock Hard Thursday Challenge with Dag Juhlin & Jim Peterik! Call us @wlsam890 312-591-8900 to play!

  • The NFL Draft is here, Brendan's excited and I like the part where quarterbacks fall. Hear all the hoopla on today's free podcast sample:

  • If you're worried about the next generation of disco destroyers, Matt Dahl's son Jackson continues the Dahl Family legacy #TBT:

  • Tomorrow afternoon Jim Peterik joins us for the Dag Juhlin Rock Hard Thursday Challenge on the Big 89!

  • Somebody on this train is eating fucking fried chicken! #iamonadiet


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  1. August 03, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  2. July 31, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  3. July 30, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  4. July 29, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  5. July 28, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  1. August 03, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  2. July 31, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  3. July 30, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  4. July 29, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  5. July 28, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  1. July 28, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  2. July 27, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  3. July 23, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  4. July 22, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show

  5. July 21, 2015 The Steve Dahl Show



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