Descent Into The Archives

The Descent into the Archives allows podcast subscribers to relive Steve Dahl’s early days. Despite his reputation as radio’s Bad Boy, Steve determined that it would be good to have a permanent record of his shows. This evidence was only held against him once, in a divorce action by Garry Meier.

Steve’s anal retention is your treasure trove today. First captured on Beta Max tapes at WDAI, (the only format able to grab 4.5 hours without a pause) the aforementioned archives permit listeners to time travel back to WDAI, where a squeaky voiced Detroit import held court with a crew of mythical cohorts. Rex Reational, Travis T Hipp, Art Nouveau, Baba Ganoush and other vaporous cast members entertained Chicago until Disco DAI sent Steve ducking for cover at WLUP.

The VHS years include a 15 year run with Garry Meier that straddles seminal WLUP, 5 years of WLS, and a return engagement at the Loop AM/FM. The latest episodes include WMVP with Bruce Wolf, and a 13 year run at CBS.

There are highlights (Pat’s first breath) and lowlights (I’m only here as a courtesy) and everything in between.  Guests galore. It is a peek into a different era, where a California boy dared to talk on the FM band, changing broadcasting forever. These flashbacks conjure up memories and smiles, whether being re-heard, or experienced for the first time.