The Steve Dahl Podcast Network provides a chance to re-experience the days when radio was fun and unfettered. There are no commercials, no interruptions for the information (traffic, weather, news) that is a click away on your phone. The shows can be accessed via mobile device, computer or tablet. Subscribers can binge listen, or have a Podcast as part of the daily commute. It’s easy to sneak in some SDN at work with a Bluetooth earpiece and a subscription. The boss will never know his employee has voices in his head.

The shows are freeform and uncensored, and not politically correct. Guests drop in and call in. Dogs and babies are welcome to stroll into the studio. Janet, Frijole Joe Gaspar, Buzz Kilmann, Tom Thayer, Daniel Van Kirk, and Jeff Joniak make regular visits. Podcasters have been known to do shows in underwear and pajamas. There are even imaginary podcasters to give you the latest sports insights. No topic is off limits.

Subscribers have unprecedented access to Steve and his cohorts, and their feedback help to shape and renew this endeavor.

Radio is drawing its last, gasping breath. Avoid 17 minutes of commercials per hour, and 20 minutes of info spam. You will never miss a punch line again.