Bob and Ron – November 21, 2013

The Progvember® celebration continues. Will it never end? This month is longer than a tune from Topographic Oceans…or a Rick Wakeman cape!   Progvember® may be fun and laughs, but the boys get serious on this special podcast. It seems some computer-coding nerds are trying to claim Progvember® as their own. As anyone can see, Progvember® has a little “®” next to it. That means it legally belongs to Bob and Ron. At least that’s what they believe.   So download the potcast now and hear the Dahl Network progrock nerds take on the computer nerds.   Plus they expose a shady Ebay Led Zeppelin description, discuss the Black Friday Record Store Day releases, and mention random groups like Van Der Graaf Generator, L.A. Guns, and the mighty Hawkwind.