Bob and Ron – December 12, 2013

Steve Dahl comes through and buys a new supercomputer for Bob & Ron. On this, their first podcast back, the boys spend 3 hours reading the owner’s manual. But thankfully that has been edited out, and you are left with about 45 minutes of record-talk.    Ron explains why vinyl really does sound better than digital files using science. And Bob shares his Black Friday Record Store Day buys, plus a bonus Cyber-Monday purchase using his mouth.   Ron also breaks down a clear example of Todd Rundgren’s genius, side one of Todd’s album “Faithful”. An album so nice Ron’s bought it twice. Check that, he’s bought it five times.   So enjoy podcast number 25, the first on the new BoRo-2000 supercomputer. Although when Ron called Bob and said that Steve was sending over the supercomputer, Bob said “Soup.”