Descent Into The Dahl Archives – October 13, 2012

A prostitute expose on CBS Chicago caught Steve’s eye last night. John Drummond was pimped out in his plaid sport coat and talked to several escorts about the perils of their industry. Steve wonders aloud what the big deal is about escort services…thinking maybe it’s time for society to reconsider the law. They could pull in all sorts of tax revenue if it was legalized.

Janet has a differing view, as you might guess. She phones in to voice her displeasure with Steve’s stance on strip clubs. She says his logic is stupid and flawed.

Callers voice their opinions, including a stripper that feels empowered when she’s working.

Also, President Ronald Reagan(Kevin Matthews) checks in with Steve & Garry to talk about his TV watching habits, the war on drugs and a past trip to Elvis’ house in Graceland.

From 2/18/87, WLUP-FM.