Descent Into The Dahl Archives – October 25, 2012

Steve’s in charge of the kids while Janet’s in Michigan for four days. Young Pat Dahl regrets missing the Bozo show the day before, so Steve’s going to let him wear his costume around the house to make him feel better.

Steve and Garry were at the company Halloween party last night and Steve is hungover. Some fans show up straight from a night out for some studio trick-or-treating. One of them is dressed as a gyro and another fan gets on Steve’s nerves. Garry offers them candy.

Ghost hunter Norman Basil brings the spooky feeling in studio, where he tells Steve & Garry how he can feel a spirit’s vibrations. Steve talks about his own house, which is supposedly haunted by a kid who died in a fire.

So, if you feel a presence, it’s probably just classic Steve & Garry getting you in the Halloween spirit.