Descent Into The Archives – February 2, 2013

Today’s episode is from the Steve & Garry Show on WLUP FM98. The date is March, 25th 1987. Howie Mandel is in town promoting a comedy show and Steve & Garry are giving away a VCR courtesy of Budweiser.  Problem is, Garry announced that they’d be giving the VCR to a caller and now people are begging for it, which gets awkward. St. Elsewhere has just been renewed for a 6th season and Howie talks about pranks he pulls on the set.  S&G talk TV with Howie. S&G were listed as America’s most obnoxious DJs in a magazine article.  They don’t like being lumped in with typical DJs. There’s also some Norman Mark bashing and a visit from Satan.