Descent Into The Archives – June 30, 2012

From 3/30/87: Steve and Garry recount their trip to Las Vegas to see Jerry Lewis and Sammy Davis jr. They talk about the flight out, rat packs, how weird the show was and not really wanting to meet Sammy or Jerry after the show. At one point everybody abandons Steve and he decides he needs a new rat pack. Garry went to his room early while Steve wanted to stay out late.

They have a tape of wrestler “Steve Doll”. Bill Holub is in to talk about it. Then they go into Wrestlemania talk.

Sammy Davis Jr. will be coming to town. Steve & Garry might go see him. Jerry is just as sick on stage as is he is off. He has “versatility syndrome.”

Steve gets hassled at the world’s largest gift shop. They also visit the Liberace museum while they are in Vegas. They don’t take credit cards. It is cash only.

They go back to the Vegas stuff and talk about how little talent Jerry has.

A pizza is dropped of at the station and Roman didn’t question where it came from and brings it in. Garry says whenever Steve is in Las Vegas he as to go back to the chapel where he got married the first time. The place is gone now.