Descent Into The Dahl Archives – September 15, 2012

In honor of the ten year anniversary of Bob Greene’s firing from The Chicago Tribune…this week’s Descent features the columnist in studio with Steve and Garry.

It’s 1987 and Bob is promoting his book “Be True To Your School.” He tells S&G that the first printing had his name misspelled on the cover. Garry points out that the book is full of typos.

Steve asks about the first girl that Bob felt up and wonders what kind of guy would keep a diary in high school. Bob says his diary inspired his book, serving as a portal into the mind of 17-year-old Bob Greene. Steve thinks he made up some sex stuff to look like less of a nerd.

Bruce Wolf handles the sports for S&G…and he gets into it with Bob Greene. Bruce didn’t like Bob’s column about Ohio State legend Woody Hayes. Bob says he heard Bruce had been bashing him. Bruce can’t understand how Bob could respect Woody Hayes.