Descent Into The Dahl Archives – September 22, 2012

Hey, hey it’s a Monkee in studio with Steve and Garry. Micky Dolenz is in town to promote a 1991 appearance at the Star Plaza. Steve encounters Micky in the bathroom, which reminds him that the only other time they’d met was when Steve saw Micky puking in the men’s room at Spago. Micky clears up the mystery behind his vomit.

Did you know that Micky Dolenz was an early supporter of Jimi Hendrix? Or that Hendrix opened for the Monkees several times on one of their tours? Micky tells Steve and Garry about the first time he saw Hendrix play at a New York club.

Micky also reveals the trick he used to get the part on The Monkees TV show and what it was like on tour.

Steve, Garry and Micky are just trying to be friendly….and they’re too busy sharing awesome stories to put anybody down. Enjoy.