Descent Into The Dahl Archives – September 29, 2012

MTV VJs are on the loose, The Sportswriters are out of a job and Sam Kinison is playing the Park West. Needless to say, there’s plenty of action on this week’s archive show.

Steve and Garry mock the VJs for their lack of spontaneity as MTV launches its Amuck in America promotion. It leads them into a Joey Heatherton stabbing story that you’ll definitely want to relive.

Steve thinks Bill Gleason is a joke, but he respects Rick Telander. He and Garry talk about the cancellation of The Sportswriters on TV.

Steve faces a dilemma. He has a little angel on one side and a little devil on the other. The devil is Sam Kinison. Sam wants Steve to go out on the town with him for the evening, but Steve wants to run it by Janet. She’s none too happy with Steve and makes it clear he’ll be in big trouble if he goes partying with Sam. You’ll love the roller coaster of the decision-making process.

There’s also some Ask Anthony, Quentin Steve, Beach Boys talk and the story of a Naperville woman’s unsuccessful hunt for a restroom.