Descent Into The Dahl Archives – September 8, 2012

It’s the day after a refinery explosion in Romeoville in 1984. In a role reversal, Garry stayed out until 5am and Steve went home early the night before. Garry was drunk on two glasses of champagne.

Don Nelson (the traffic reporter, not the NBA coach) was really getting off on the refinery explosion coverage. Steve and Garry rake him over the coals for exploiting the tragedy.

Speaking of coal, BBQ Steve(the natural BBQ-er) enjoys a good mesquite charcoal grill session. He feels like it really gave the meat a great flavor. He also likes a heavy salt and pepper with a garlic salt while it cooks. Steve also defends the honor of Murphy in the Morning.

Don Nelson calls in to defend his Romeoville coverage, and he’s burning mad. Steve wonders if his A/C isn’t working and that’s why he’s wound up. Don says he isn’t a cop/fireman groupie and wants a retraction, a position Steve isn’t set for.

There’s also Joliet talk, a dramatic reading of the biography of comedian Charlie Callas, Ask Eddie and Steve’s free visit to Brookfield Zoo.