Hindsight with Daniel Van Kirk – August 4, 2016

Comedy writer Joan Ford joins Daniel for this week’s Hindsight! The two old friends start by remembering how they ended up on the same sketch team at UCB and what it is about Joan’s writing that made Daniel love her sketches so much. They then jump into the photos. First up, Joan talks about a time in her life when seeing movies was crucial to her existence which leads to, among other things, the two friends geeking out about their love of seeing a movie in the theatre. In the second photo, Joan talks about the night she came out as Trans, and what that felt like to be open and honest with herself. The show closes out on the third pic where Joan talks about the culmination of who she is now, how she feels, and the great book she wrote about girls in film. This is a really fun and honest episode and I hope you all enjoy it!