Hindsight With Daniel Van Kirk – January 22, 2016

First up, some full disclosure. This episode was intended to drop next Thursday 1/28. The show that should’ve dropped in this slot, with the wonderful comedian Andrew Youngblood, had an unsolvable audio issue. So if things seem a little out of order or odd, no you know why. I believe in always being upfront and honest with you guys and even though I wish I was perfect, I have no problem admitting that I’m not. This is a wonderful episode and I’m sure I’ll have Andrew on again. Now, let’s get into this week’s show!

Comedian Gabe Bravo and Daniel met last year in Houston and the two buddies jump right in with a crazy story involving weed, the beach, and a naked middle aged woman running for her life. Seriously. Gabe also opens up about his battle with depression, how he found music, hated it, found comedy, and now is trying to love both. The guys also talk about pulling senior pranks in high school, and being okay with not being okay. Hope you dig it!