Good Luck, Kev!



Kevheads: It’s me Jim Shorts and I wanted you to know that Kevin Matthews will be in the hospital for one week. Darrnell and I will be hosting the show if Kevin can’t make it into our studio. Kevin is having his knee replaced and we are asking the doctors to save the old knee and we want to give it away to someone in the audience, what a great holiday gift to win Kev’s bone. Coming up next Monday, I will host the Best of Volume 3. We have some great audio that has not been heard since 2004. The audio is one day on the legendary Loop radio. Hear Jeremy Piven, Chris Farley, Peggy Kusinski, Doc, Duji, Harry, Jerome and more. One day on the Loop, its volume 3, hosted by me, Jim Shorts. If you want to call Kevin and leave voice mail, call the Podcast, 312-380-9784. Thanks for listening and remember, its not radio, its That’s good!


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