The Intern

Hello Kevheads. Neumann here. I just want to tell you guys a little bit more about me. What do I like? Well, my favorite color is blue. Favorite food is pizza. I love movies. I will watch any kind of movie, and I think what these filmmakers are able to do with these films are just incredible. If I had to pick a favorite genre it would probably be comedy, and my favorite actor is, hands down, Will Ferrell. There is no way I could pick a favorite movie, but some of my favorite include Wedding Crashers, Grown Ups, Talladega Nights, the Harry Potter series, and the American Pie series. And for TV shows, growing up I was a huge Cartoon Network and Disney fan. My favorite shows as a kid growing up were Codename Kids Next Door, Ben 10, Suit Life of Zack and Cody, and Good Luck Charlie. My favorite TV shows now however, include Fixer Upper, Criminal Minds, Pawn Stars, Family Feud, Grey’s Anatomy, and Scandal. I am a drummer, and me and my friend Constance are trying to start a band. She is a really big fan of Kevin’s son’s band Dawes. Some of my favorite Musicians are Coldplay, Train, Lady Antebellum, Zac Brown Band, Aerosmith, and Michael Buble.

Now, many people have asked me how someone my age got into listening to someone like Kevin Matthews. In reality, it was my Dad who really got me into Kevin. My dad is a very big Kevhead and listens to his Podcast every Friday. One day, I was driving in the car with him, and he had asked me if I knew who Kevin Matthews was. I knew the name, but really had no clue who he was. So my dad showed me one of his podcasts, and I remember my dad and I laughing so hard when Jim had lost Mike Ditka’s number. It was one of the funniest things I have ever heard. The way Jim got so pissed at bikers, to the fact that Jim couldn’t get the customer service number to listen to him. It was about 10 minutes of just non stop laughing for my dad and I. And so when my dad told me that I might have the opportunity to work with Kevin, I was ecstatic.

Another question that people have asked me is what is it like to work with both Kevin and Jim. Kevin is an amazing man, and it has been such an honor to be able to work with him, get to know him, and learn and get advice from him. He is teaching me so much from learning to speak up, to learning how to not be so monotone, and it has been so much fun being able to collaborate with him with various projects. And Jim. He’s….. Good. He make me do a lot of stuff for him like get him lunch, clean the toilets, and wash his dirty underwear. It’s… fun? JIm has taught me a lot so far on how to be a college student. It has been good.

That’s all I have to say this week, make sure to tune in to the Kevin Matthews Podcast every Friday at, and stay update to date with all of the Kevin Matthews social media pages, to get daily updates on the life of me, Jim, and of course Kevin. Thank you so much and I will talk to you guys next time




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