Wayne’s Gone

Hey Kevheads, A-Train from Kevhead Row here filling in for Wayne on the blog this week.  He scored some tickets to the Cubs game today, so we got him a ride from the casino to the game in one of Vito’s high class limo’s.. I’m here today to talk about what it’s like to be a Kevhead.

I can’t remember the first day I heard Kev, I’m pretty sure it was right after Johnny B’s show, and I was hooked right away… There was nothing like Kevin Matthews on the radio and his sidekick one Jimmy Shorts who at first I thought was not real, but later discovered how real he actually is. All the characters that work and worked with Kev throughout the years are still vivid in my mind…Sports reports, Concerts, which unfortunately I never got to see an Ed Zeppelin show, I really wish I could have, Burney And Bunny and Dorothy’s traffic, Doc, Pugs, Shemp, Eddie of course, the list goes on…

Then there  were all the phrases that we use or used in everyday life…When you’re with your best buddy and you didn’t mean to say he looks good in that shirt, and you both say “Is It Wrong..?” then you call him suckie or jackass or my personal favorite Burrabiss.. As a lot of us moved from Chicago before the ability to listen on the stream or a podcast was invented and simply lost track of what was or was not happening in Chicago Radio. I was simply floored when I found Kevin on the radio in Michigan, streamed on the World Wide Web, then he was gone again. But thanks to word of mouth and Facebook, I found the Dahl Network and Kev again… I love the podcast and the fact that anything goes, the new characters, the old ones and the trips down memory lane. I also can’t believe that  on occasion I get to be on the show, and talk to Kev one on one. I am a proud founder along with Joe Callahan of Kevhead Row on Facebook, the ONLY place for Kevheads to gather and the best place to be.  Featuring old classic bits, 10 minute samples of what you could be getting, and some videos also…Lots of radio people are members and everybody participates… So if you’re an old school listener or a new found Kevhead, we welcome you to Kevhead Row and the Dahl Network. This is the KEVHEAD BLOG we invite you to share your experiences with us, just contact Joe on Facebook, or we might even get in contact with you…

Thanks to everyone at The Steve Dahl Network and make sure you call the Voicemail at(312)-380-9784. Tune in to Dahl.com every Friday for an all new Kevin Matthews Show.


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