The Steve Dahl Show – January 8, 2013

Before we can get Ask Janet started on today’s Dahlcast, Steve’s better half is disturbed by a new ear wax-remover commercial running on CNN. Steve, on the other hand, is already ordering his Wax Vac.

When Brent Musburger got a look at A.J. McCarron’s girlfriend Katherine Webb, all he could think about was waxing that ass. McCarron captured his second straight BCS Championship and almost certainly had his Fountain Blown at LIV in Miami. Unless LeBron James got there first.

Elvis Presley was known to wax poetic in songs like “Are You Lonesome Tonight?” Steve recalls taking pictures in the dark at Studio B.

Randy and Wayne from Hardcore Pawn: Chicago pay more for gold than they would for wax. They check in to preview tonight’s new episode on TruTV.