The Steve Dahl Show – October 10, 2013

Jeff Joniak makes a cup of coffee, talks about a Bears must win and hits Brendan up for a Keurig (Brendan’s uncle helped invent it), Steve and Brendan agree to disagree on Kanye. Steve conducts his best Jimmy Webb interview ever, and Yale is pooped.  David Wexler is busy marking down EVERYTHING in The Little Guys store in anticipation of Steve’s Saturday appearance. The Smithe email reveals some behind the scenes texting between a subscriber, and Garry regarding the Radio Hall Of Fame induction. Steve really doesn’t think it’s going to happen, especially after Mike Dahl sent him a photo of the banner hanging on the side of the building with Steve looking like hell, and Garry looking like a male model. He really doesn’t give a shit (he says).  Sign up now for a free month!