The Steve Dahl Show – October 11, 2012

Steve is considering the installation of a walk-in freezer for the basement after a texting conversation with Dino. Dino asked how many frozen Rick’s Burritos Steve wanted him to ship Steve said 36. Dino was appalled when he saw the low number and encouraged Steve to get more. The push has Steve ready to go industrial.

If you’re growing your own ganja, you don’t want Jack Frost to kill your plants. An Aurora man with a green thumb and a fried brain feared that his endo might be getting cold out in the yard. His problem-solving skills may have been affected by his smoking habits.

Comedian Jimmy Pardo comes from the same home town as Garry Meier…and doesn’t want Steve’s thoughts on his former partner to get him frozen out from WGN. Jimmy has shows at Zanies Chicago tonight and all weekend.

Despite the deep freeze, there’s no defrost time on today’s Dahlcast. Just open and enjoy.