The Steve Dahl Show – October 12, 2012

Just because it’s a bye week for the Bears doesn’t mean that the Monsters of the Midway aren’t still front and center on the Dahlcast. Jeff Joniak usually rakes leaves his one week off from calling games, but they haven’t fallen yet. Steve’s leaves aren’t on the ground either…they’re in the pool. Jeff also tells a story about saying “bye” to a terrible restaurant in Jacksonville.

Virginia McCaskey doesn’t tone down her act on a bye week. Neither does her alter ego, Buzz Kilman. Buzz checks in with his Virginia impression and also pitches a new idea for sports programming therapy.

Saying bye-bye to a Band-Aid can be a painful pull. But it’s normally a personal moment. Someone in Steve’s life removed his bandage for him…but that’s not the strangest thing she’s removed from an epidermis.

Say “goodbye” to boredom….another Dahlcast is yours.