The Steve Dahl Show – October 15, 2012

Even we can’t get our new song, “Butt Chuggin’” out of our heads and though it’s only Monday, the guys in the studio are ready to party where the sun don’t shine. Get into “Brown Lotus” position and enjoy a dark, yet eye-opening DahlCast.

What is the biggest pain in the ass for Rahm Emmanuel, mayor of the fine City of Chicago? The ridiculous parking meter deal that former-Mayor Daley forced onto us all. Basically, we’re all screwed and will eventually pay more for parking than our homes. Bend over, Chicago!

Instead of driving your car and giving your money to some Australian company that’s laughing all the way to the bank, how about you try out a “Tour de Franzia”. How do you take your alcohol? Orally? Oh, well, too bad, your party may end here today.

If you find yourself ashamed of your tiny member, you may want to get over to Denmark and join the “World’s Smallest Penis” competition. Let that thing see the light of day. No need to keep it all stored away from the sunlight. And you may just win an iPhone, or an iPod mini (ha – we said mini).

Is it a dark stormy day where you are? Or a bright, clear fall afternoon perfect for space jumping? Either way you can subscribe to the Steve Dahl Network, head down to the Back Door Saloon, plug in your listening device, push play on today’s Dahlcast and have yourself a party where the sun don’t shine.