The Steve Dahl Show – October 16, 2012

Boys and Girls, it is time for Sex Ed 101 with your teachers Steve and Janet Dahl. 7th graders (who are currently snickering and nervous) might want to gather in closely so that you can get the knowledge your “scared mom” has been withholding.

The first thing to learn is that, as a boy, if you have a” nocturnal emission”, and want to keep it frozen, you want to stay away from Northwestern Hospital. Janet Dahl also recommends using fruit as props, not the “musical fruit”, but something long and cylindrically shaped will do nicely. For you girls in the crowd, just keep in mind that there is a difference between Kotex and Tampax, as Janet helps the DahlCast men learn today.

White milky substances can cause trouble for men of all ages; if you’re like our own Dag or Steve and have to clear your throat for a long time today a different milky white substance may be your concern. You may just have to clear your throat, and/or vomit, after watching the video of a Browns’ fan that dunks his head into some clear liquids, borrowed from other tailgaters, which we are now calling the “Cleveland Streamer”.

Parents you can omit this position from your initial sex-talk with the kids. They can find out what this is later in life. Subscribe to the network so that your kids get the Sex Ed talk they need, before they run around telling people that their mom has a “Fur-China”. We are here to help our subscribers any way we can.