The Steve Dahl Show – October 18, 2012

Today’s DahlCast brings us back together with a long lost bro, Frank Sennett. After spending his later summer and early autumn travelling in London, he is ready to join Steve, Brendan and Dag to discuss his journey, with a much more low-brow approach to culture than he may be used to.

London’s “rag”, The Daily Mail, helps us unearth some juicy bits from right here in the States, as only those Brits can. The National Guard in Arizona may be in some serious hot water, but a teacher from Atlanta who loves the smell of warm nuts, may get a more serious warning than just a letter or polite discussion, when meeting with her boss this week.

It may not be as refined as Billy Elliot or Sweeney Todd, but Steve’s new “Trapped in the Basement” series is sure to be a major hit here and across the pond. Subscribe now, so that you, too, can listen to these deep cuts from Steve’s first, bit “Hip-Hopera” offering.