The Steve Dahl Show – October 19, 2012

This Friday DahlCast is full of men, but we still could use a good testosterone burst in the studio today. As Steve Dahl teaches everyone, we all start out as women, and some of us just retain more of those effeminate hormones than others.

Steve’s heart warms at the thought of his father’s visit this November. With Roger in the house, there will be 3 generations of Dahl men around this Holiday Season. And, since we’re planning on bringing the elder Dahl to our next Monday Night FootDahl party, he’s already gearing up to work all of the ladies in the room, so you female subscribers better be ready for a dose of pure Dahl testosterone.

Buzz Kilman joins us today and brings to light a set of mice that are, as we speak, getting a record deal. Thankfully, they weren’t the mice used for testing male hormones, so their voices stayed in good shape and range. These mice are so good, they just may get invited to play during the Super Bowl this year, the championship game of the world’s manliest sport. Inspired by our favorite team in that sport, the Bears, the guys in the studio also perform another hilarious episode of our podcast play, Emery Bored.

A fight between Steve and Dag over the adorable Taylor Swift, a man from China and a woman from the UK round out some of the more “masculine” stories we’ve explored for our subscribers this week. If you’re not a subscriber, you better get to it, and then we can start prescribing these great hormones for you to take, and enjoy, every day.