The Steve Dahl Show – October 2, 2012

Afterglow feels great. And why are we glowing today? Because we had the best time hanging out with all of our amazing subscribers at John Barleycorn for Monday Night FootDahl last night. Actually, we had so much fun we are continuing the party today and invited Dino Stamatopoulos along for some dainty bits and laughs.

Subscribers will enjoy the warm and fuzzy moments today shared between Tom Thayer and Steve regarding the Bears’ victory, a great recap of our hijinx last night and get a sneak preview of the next podcast from Dino, which may or may not actually make it to air.

The less tender moments of the show are also hysterical and offer us the story of a UK couple that may need to try to keep it nice and happy with each other. Bask in the glow of Steve Dahl’s funny warmth. As we feature a Floridiot, a Frightening Illini and a crazy Greek. Subscribe now, so you, too, can feel as great as we do today…as we enjoy the afterglow from a Monday night.