The Steve Dahl Show – October 22, 2012

It’s Monday and unlike the beginning of most workweeks, this Mondays has a lot of fighting and action spread throughout the day. Bears vs. Lions, Obama vs. Romney, Giants vs. Cardinals…there are so many matchups tonight that one really needs to prioritize and find the fight that will keep you fired up on this fall day.

Jeff Joniak tackled his fall chores in the yard during his long week off, but is now ready to focus on the biggest matchup for any Chicagoan tonight, the Chicago Bears vs. the Detroit Lions. We’re hoping that the Bears send those Lions back Motown with their tails between their legs.

There is another “important” sports matchup tonight, but we could really care less and will probably just catch the highlights later. Seem like most people have decided who to vote for in this Presidential election, but if you haven’t, and you hate football, and then tune in for the final debate between Obama and Romney.

We recommend that if you live in the highly fought over state of Florida, that you choose to watch the debate at Wazzabi’s in Winter Park, where we can promise fireworks and heated words (all be it cold miso) even if the debate gets boring.

Dag and Steve go head-to-head on the adorable Taylor Swift, on the day her latest album drops, a man argues with cops about his pants, and high school boys in one California town have a lot of explaining to do regarding a “league” they created to help spread tales of their sexual exploits…these are just a few of the many matchups, faceoffs and fights taking center ring on today’s DahlCast. Subscribers get a ringside seat…don’t miss it!