The Steve Dahl Show – October 25, 2012

Life is full of surprises – you just never know when a shark is going to drop out of the sky and ruin your golf game. Speaking of drop-ins of the welcome kind, our pal Laurence Holmes (who’s kicking ass on NBC-5, by the way) drops in to talk Bears, Jessie Jackson Jr., and more.

Steve also attempts to get behind the meaning of some Taylor Swift lyrics, but decides it would probably be easier to try and clear 300 birds out of a townhouse. By the way, we’re still looking for an elderly, low-maintenance talking parakeet with some good stories to tell, to be part of the show.

Then, there’s the surprising story of the guy who got off by showing his private parts to the Florida Police. Listen to toady’s show and learn how he pulled that little trick.

Lots of laughs on today’s show, but that should come as no surprise.