The Steve Dahl Show – October 3, 2012

There is a very important cause we want to take a moment to address here on the DahlCast – bullying. Bullying has become a big problem for our country and Steve Dahl has had it with the harsh words.

As a matter of fact, right now he is reading out loud every mean email he has ever received. He just can’t take the bullying any more. While Steve is reading in the next room, Janet is on her computer posting the meanest of emails on Facebook, where someone calls Steve “DahlFat”. Janet excuses away this action with saying that she is taking up the cause for Steve and calling out this mean critic. Of course, this is after she joined us in the studio and let everyone know that Steve popped a button on his shorts on the golf course this week.

Though not a bully himself, Steve believes he can bully Adam Carolla into charging for his podcasts, just like we do here. Maybe when Steve heads out to Adam’s show next week he can really put the screws to him to adopt the Dahl method of Podcasting.

Spend your day with Steve “The Swedish Flop” Dahl for another hilarious installment of the DahlCast, complete with Manatee riders, baked-good throw downs and lots of fat jokes. Seriously, listen now. Don’t make us have to bully you into subscribing.