The Steve Dahl Show – October 30, 2012

As we take a look at the aftermath of Sandy, we turn to the expert analysis of Tommy Skillethead. The trouble is, he’s recovering from a night of Jagermeister-fueled hijinks with his new flatmates. He muttered something about 400-foot waves before he signed off to continue the party.

Steve and Janet unearth some funny stories about candy bars, Halloween, and, er, uh, a drunken Steve who may or may not have waved a large knife around, for some reason. We also chat with our friend Tami Sagher, as she ponders the fate of this weekend’s New York City Marathon.

The weather outside is cold and wet, but the humor on The Steve Dahl Show is dry and warm (for the most part), so join us in the safety of the basement. All you have to do is SUBSCRIBE.

Oh, yeah… and Billy Bush is an idiot.