The Steve Dahl Show – October 31, 2012

In a very special DahlCast (our 800th, in fact), we check in with a couple of hotheads. Namely, a seething classic from Casey Kasem, and another fellow who’s never at a loss for swear words, Satan. We’re honored that The Lord of The Underworld found some time in his schedule to visit the DahlCast basement. It’s too bad a blacked-out Steve missed the whole event.

We also get a heaping helping of Chicago’s own ghostly history with Jill Austin and Liz Greblay from the Chicago History Museum, who have finally straightened Steve out on where they’re located — as well as other haunted locations around town. Including their own — flirty, nocturnal ghost of Abe Lincoln, anyone?

Get ready for a show that’s so funny, it’s scary. Just know that if you approach the Dahl house in search of a full size candy bar at 7:01, you will be shot.