The Steve Dahl Show – October 4, 2012

On today’s show we are setting the record straight and digging up the facts on some of the biggest stories. Steve Dahl is a stickler for the details and wants to make sure that we have covered everything factually and accurately, but in a most hysterical way.

If you were watching last night’s presidential debate, you probably need to go to and look at the real state of affairs our country is in, don’t just go off of a Mormon who hates Big Bird and a President who got so distracted by his anniversary he clearly lost his footing during the debate.

Tami Sagher joins us to help us understand how the Hollywood pilot process works, because she just sold her first pilot! We are so happy for Tami and wish her the best of luck as she writes the pilot that could change her career. Although she may not buy into Steve’s facts about how Hollywood spends and makes money, she is still the funniest gal we know. True fact.

The UT student who was hospitalized for “butt-chugging” is now saying that the story is wrong and he never put anything like that up his butt. As we speak, Brendan and his “bro” friend are looking up all of the facts on this and other amazing stories covered on the DahlCast. Subscribe now and reap the benefits of accurate news reporting, with a healthy dose of hilarity!