The Steve Dahl Show – October 5, 2012

The word pig, in all of its various forms, is at the center of an extra long Friday DahlCast. Did you know that there are so many different ways to incorporate pigs into a podcast? Yeah, we didn’t either. Here’s the list:

1. Steve is not a Ham, but does need your vote. Subscribers, pay close attention.

2. L. Woods Tap and Pine Lodge has delicious Pork Ribs and Steve wants some now!

3. Buzz Kilman, while our friend, needs to bring home the bacon for his wife and kid, so cut him some slack for doing Brandmeier today. If you heard it, he didn’t get close to hogging the spotlight, or wasn’t really allowed to talk.

4. What kind of meat was in that sandwich involved in the assault that our Blues News bring us today? Genoa Salami?

5. While it was a bad day for the equine world in Florida, it appears to be an even worse week for a hog farmer in Oregon.

6. American Hogger is an awesome show and will teach you all about feral hogs.

7. The Chicago Bears will be throwing the pig skin around in Jacksonville this weekend and Jeff Joniak (Bears play-by-play announcer) gives us a great preview.

8. The only thing missing in the dancing circus at Cowboys stadium last week was a dancing pig wearing dentures.

9. Don’t pig out on cheese and ice cream. Jeff and Steve have eaten enough for all of us.

10. Today’s DahlCast is anything but a “boar”. Subscribe now. We’ll let you right into our pen, we promise!