Descent into the Dahl Archives – October 6, 2012

The Hostess people unveiled a new Lite Twinkie in 1991. News girl Laura Witek is blindfolded and will have to determine whether she’s tasting a regular Twinkie or a Lite- all for the amusement of Steve & Garry. Twinkie talk turns a bit sexual and it turns Steve on.

Steve is a collector- although he only has three shot glasses so far, which he finds disappointing. Cliff is also a collector. He gathers spaghetti spoons…and the corresponding x-rays.

Jimmy Buffett stops by the studio to hang with Steve & Garry. Jimmy had a scheduling conflict that kept him from appearing in the Robin Williams movie “Hook.” Buffett is in studio for several breaking news stories from that day, including the death of a famous actor and the nomination of Clarence Thomas.

Buffett also shares stories from his Catholic upbringing and encounters with nuns as well as his oral hygiene choices and automated massage chairs on the road. In addition, Jimmy reveals some issues with CDs and the skipping and scratching he has to endure.

Buffett is heading out to the Cubs game, but before he does he tells Steve how his T-shirts caused problems at Disneyworld, shows his support for manatees and takes some calls from listeners. Buffett also expresses how difficult it is to watch his Miami Heat suffer through a tough season and how he plans on cracking down on fake Margaritaville restaurants.