The Steve Dahl Show – October 8, 2012

Today’s DahlCast includes many different paths that lead us all to a trip down memory lane and the sweet ole 70s. When times were easier, pants were hotter and life was easy. If you’re Steve Dahl, you love the Golden Steer, in all of it’s Onion-Soupy glory. It’s hard-core old school awesomeness, just like the people that frequent the restaurant. Wood paneling, relish trays and a big hunk of meat.What more could one want from the 70s, but maybe the sexiest woman alive and former star of “That 70s Show”, Mila Kunis as your dinner date?

It was a record-breaking weekend for Drew Brees, as he shattered a stat that has been in place since the 70s. Atlanta Braves fans also reminded Steve of a certain event in July of 1979 when a baseball field was properly trashed by brave fans of a different sort.

Tom Thayer, a Notre Dame alumni, calls in and talks through a Bears’ win that took us back to the old days. Records were broken that had been in place since leather helmets were still allowed. Back in the 70s, they didn’t have the bells and whistles at stadiums that they do now. AC treated Benches? Tarps with ads? Play-by-play announcers with shoe trees and makeup bags? Not for the ’78 Bears, or any other 70s team, that’s for sure.

Gold Diggers will want to get a corkscrew so that they can enjoy a jug of Lancer’s while they listen to today’s retro-style show. But these days Steve Dahl is uncensored and commercial-free. Subscribe and catch up with times, won’t you?