The Steve Dahl Show – October 9, 2012

Book clubs, cooking bacon and more set off a classic Dahl-style war in this otherwise peaceful studio today. Whether you are a guest at Mrs. Dahl’s book club this evening or Brian Wilson at a taco party, you may find it hard to get along with those around you, when there is all of this food to argue about. It may also be hard to focus with all of these great smells in the air.

The DahlCast is peanut-free, “butt-booster”-free, and fresh with humor. Our juiciest news is grilled over an open flame by a Loosier (while juggling) and then baked until warm and golden brown. Our show will fill you with early holiday spirit and remind you to do the damned dishes, if you want to get off of that horribly uncomfortable chair you’ve been sitting in for hours.

Build yourself a BLT sandwich, pour some Chowda’ in a cup and prepare to butt chug with the best of them on this fall day. Throw in a lengthy novel (whether on tape or read the old-fashioned way) and you have the perfect accompaniment to another hilariously DahlCast, titled “War and Peace – of food”. Subscribe now, and you, too, can share in our full, uncensored bounty!