The Steve Dahl Show – November 1, 2012

Today’s DahlCast swings from one extreme to another, as Steve softens his stance on Halloween participation (thanks, Henry Dahl!), and readies himself for a possible embrace of Christmas.

Opposite this warm glow, we learn that all it takes for Dag to start hemorrhaging the rage of his unfulfilled rock music dreams (or, in laymen’s terms, jealousy) is to mention the ’90s lite-grunge group, Bush.

For Brendan to unleash his rage, it’s as easy as splitting a bottle of Ouzo with an unnamed, also underaged bro. Chug that shit down, take your place on the stage, and start punching out those walls.

Pour some hot wax on your face and hair, do a donut in a church parking lot and ready yourself for a high-spirited DahlCast. Happy November, everyone!