The Steve Dahl Show – November 18, 2013

The week kicks off for the DahlCast with a complaining about the tornado apology from Steve. Then Tom Thayer gets Steve and Brendan even more jacked up for the Bears than they already were. Tom always makes them feel better after a Bears loss, but after a win, it’s like everybody is on E. Steve perfects his Joan Jett impersonation and describes his coming face to face with himself Friday night at the Radio HOF on his way to the HOB to see Pet Lions. That Steve and Garry banner has got to go! Steve did stay for a Blues Traveler song too, even though he hates the harmonica. Then the entire family, including Brendan went bowling and everybody got drunk. Well, most everybody. Steve also thinks that the Steelers throwback uniforms look like the Three stooges football uniforms.  Subscribe today!