The Steve Dahl Show – November 5, 2012

Monday kicks off on a high note as we recall the Bears crushing victory over Tennessee. Brenda’s doubly high after witness a a freezing, moderately sober Notre Dame victory in person. Why did Steve think it was Brendan’s first visit to a game? Was Brendan looking for some sort of ‘Rudy’ moment? We threw the yellow flag down for this one.

Tom Thayer revels in the Bears’ victory almost as much as he does when he finds out that Jeff Joniak covered up an incident with a forgotten iPad that could have had serious repercussions on a recent broadcast.

We also talk with our friend Kevin Matthews as he readies himself for major knee surgery. We know he’ll do great, and that there will be lots of morphine-fueled poetry to enjoy after the event.

We also head down south to Florida for another incident of self-pleasuring in the news, but this one features something a little different — that unmistakable female touch.

This great Monday menu is sure to leave you satisfied..