The Steve Dahl Show – November 6, 2012

Not sure if any of you have heard, but today is Election Day 2012. Steve voted with Janet (electric versus paper) and went out for breakfast (burrito versus Eggs Benedict). Steve shared the news that he accidentally overvoted in a category or two, but that’s because the cumbersome paper ballots were not only massive, but also massively confusing. It’ll work out, he reckons.

Roe Conn calls in to talk about suspicious activity at his polling place and stir up some excitement for this Saturday’s Newsapalooza event. Make sure you grab your tickets right away, there aren’t too many left. You’ll be able to catch Steve singing and Dag playing guitar on… well, the dudes are still working that out.

And because it’s Tuesday, Janet Joliat Dahl (her legal name!) visits the studio to shine a light on what it’s really like in the Dahl household after the “ON AIR” light goes out. (Hint: it’s ¬†little quiet sometimes.)

Alright, everyone — get out there and vote. That includes you, Floridiot donkey enthusiasts.