The Steve Dahl Show – November 7, 2012

With the 2012 election in our rear view mirror, we stick a flag in our hair and look forward to working together, even if one of us is a self-confessed homewrecker. Yep, Steve got out his big stick and displaced some squirrels who’d built a sweet pad on some prime real estate, right in time for the winter.

Steve’s animal displacement instinct goes back years, as find out today. On a harrowing, danger-packed fishing trip, a pair of young Dahl brothers tried to liberate some Golden Mantles from their natural habitat. Turns out the fuzzy rabies machines were happier in Idaho than California.

We’re visited today by the brilliant Tami Sagher, an underslept but always awesome Frank Sennett, a ponderous Bill Kurtis and some perpetually randy actor named Travolta. The result is another history-making edition of The Steve Dahl Show.

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