The Steve Dahl Show – December 12, 2012

Somewhere, in a parallel universe (well, Minnesota, actually), there’s a Steve Dahl who’s a third generation herring monger. The podcasting Steve Dahl, however, can’t control the “ulps” at the mere mention of delicious, creamy herring. And what goes best with herring? Why, donkey cheese, of course.

Today’s DahlCast finds the crew analyzing gang threats, Smiths songs, Papal Tweets, hotel bedding and more. Our friend in Hollywood, Tami Sagher phones us for another lively chat, and we inadvertently come up with a pair of sure fire sitcoms: “An Old Guy And Two Hot Girls” (a true life showbiz tale), and a comedy about a pair of Floridiot burglars, “Maxim And Waldo”. Look for them next year.

Dig in to another delicious DahlCast!