The Steve Dahl Show – December 19, 2012

Today, Steve and the DahlCast crew explore a whole world that’s headed south. Whether it’s a couple of crafty prisoners who headed south on a rope of bedsheets, the new redneck craze that’s sweeping adult films, or even the standards of living in certain parts of Florida, it seems like the direction we’re all headed is southerly.

Heck, that even includes an Indiana Loosier (Indiana being the south of the north, and all, y’all…) with lots of time to contemplate the proper mailing of packages.

Our beloved Tami Sagher phones in with some dog angst, and Steve confesses that the most recent How I Met Your Mother made him a bit weepy.

How much for that orange juice? How much for that leopard print baby blanket? Find out on today’s southern fried DahlCast.