The Steve Dahl Show – December 21, 2012

We learn about Mayan calendars and a poetic Buzz Kilman on today’s Dahlcast. Steve knew the world wasn’t going to end. Brendan was holding out hope so he wouldn’t have to do any Christmas shopping.

It is the end of the line for A.J. Pierzynski and the White Sox. Steve is upset to see the face of the franchise heading to Texas. He also feels for Suzy “Sexual” Favor Hamilton, the Big Ten track legend who moonlighted as a high-priced escort.

Jeff Joniak is disappointed by the lack of snow after all the blizzard predictions. He’s now favoring the European system of meteorology and is anticipating a white Christmas.

Buzz’s Christmas card list is too long, but he still takes the time to personalize each one he sends out. He recalls the time he wrote a poem for each individual.

Finally, it’s time for the golden-voiced Roger Dahl to play a part in a special Christmas-themed Emery Bored.