The Steve Dahl Show – December 4, 2012

We’re fresh off an unforgettable final Monday Night FootDahl for 2012 — thanks to everyone who attended. Steve thinks he might be launching a standup comedy career as a result of last night’s magic. That it was an uproarious, spontaneous two-hour show seems to be a good indicator.

Since it’s Tuesday, Janet stops in to give her take on last night, before answering a trio of subscriber emails that, frankly, Steve finds a little too probing.

We get the Led (Zeppelin) out for a bit, take a few…well-deserved shots…at the way the guy…from Papa John’s Pizza…delivers his lines, talk about the Radio Hall of Fame, Yelp, Zagat, and social media in general, before getting a visit from the randiest, most persecuted, sexually omnivorous, toupee-wearing celebrity pilot we know.