The Steve Dahl Show – December 6, 2012

It’s Thursday, December 6th. Fellas, it’s time to shave that mustache, because it’s the ladies’ turn. Or is it? Steve gets drawn in to a pun-heavy prank about body hair and shaving, but he figures it out in the nick of time.

Some wacky Australian DJs (think Eric and Kathy without all the edge) pull a wholly unfunny prank on a well-meaning British hospital, and our good friend Pat Boyle recalls an annoying prank pulled on him by a pair of shysters named Sparkles and Jasmine.

We also check in with Mr. Showbiz himself, Roe Conn, who steadies his perpetual jazz hands long enough to join us in the lively art of conversation.

It’s another great DahlCast — no lie!