The Steve Dahl Show – December 7, 2012

It’s Friday on the DahlCast, and while every show is memorable in its own way, today is a day that will go down in infamy.

It’s the day that a busy Jeff Joniak, fresh from errand-running and haircut-getting, checks in with a guarantee of a Bears win this weekend. We have the recorded evidence!

Speaking of recoded evidence, Steve tells a story about how as an instructor in a fly-by-night broadcasting school, he would record fundraising pledges on tape so people couldn’t weasel out of them at a later date. And he had to wear a yar-moolk while doing so.

Steve also served as an emcee for a fly-by-night “Fleetwood Mac” concert a long time ago and managed to escape with his life, and one hundred dollars. A day of infamy in his path from weekend fill-in DJ to broadcast legend.

And Buzz Kilman, fresh from Wisconsin, blows off the UPS guy for another stellar edition of Emery Bored. Happy Friday, folks!