The Steve Dahl Show – February 1, 2013

Papa John’s is giving anyone that correctly calls the Super Bowl coin toss a free crappy pizza. Each household can enter four times, so it’s a guaranteed win…or loss…depending on how you look at it.

Some 49ers were out to catch a glimpse of some tail at an New Orleans strip club, while Chris Culliver is still dealing with the aftermath of a damning interview. Buzz calls in to express his hatred for Jim Harbaugh and explain his discovery of John Harbaugh.

Buzz also discovered a new TV favorite, FX’s “The Americans”. The first scene features Keri Russell giving head. Immediately, the Buzzman was hooked.

Steve’s Super Bowl plans are nuts. Literally…he accidentally ordered too many peanuts and plans to pawn them off on his elderly neighbors at the Super Bowl party.